Old Friends

When was the last time you had a healthy chat with your friend. If it is more than 2 weeks then you need to pay special attention.

Joe Rohan’s podcast are fascinating for 2 reasons. One is the guest who comes on his shoes who are great in their fields. And second is the way he conducts the podcast.

Of course he had researched about the guest and some of the topics he wants to explore. But the talk is mostly natural and takes the shape of whatever the conversation takes place. Weird pause, talking about random things and then about the space mystery.

Somehow it all fits together in a nice long and welcoming podcast. The amazing thing about Joe is that he does this almost every podcast.

This is evident of the fact that you can have a deep conversation of life, problems and possible solution with anyone you can imagine. Just keep taking turns for asking questions, letting the conversation flow and be in the mood.

The key is to not let anything hurt your ego. Sometimes there will come an opposing argument but that’s fine. Because you are here to have a healthy conversation and that means exploring the other side of the world and ideas.

So if you don’t find yourself in such conversations in a week or two then it means you are doing something wrong.

Here is a thing you can try – always keep a list of old friends number. And call them every 3 months or so. Or better invite them for a lunch. The key is to have no agenda of gaining something from then. Just invite them and have a natural conversation.

And that’s it. Slowly you will have lunch and dinner invitation to look forward with 2 or 3 semi close people and you have weekly or fortnight meetings with your close friends.

Either or both way your life will be have those conversation with another soul who understands you and share a common thread.

Do it because you don’t realise but it is much needed in your life. Now go make some connection.