Off Load Apps

When I was young, the mobile phones didn’t have as much apps. If you need something then you have to open the browser and type in the url.

For older phones, the youtube wasn’t accessible. There were many mobile themed video hosting sites like Vuclip where you could watch videos. It was much later that I got to know about youtube, social accounts and the power of google search.

Of course, Wikipedia was and is a household name. Because whenever a student needs to do a project, she will do a quick google search.

And like a magic, wikipedia will come as the first source of information which was in-depth and enough for a kid.

Slowly as the technology advanced, things became and easy. Now everything can be downloaded as an app – which interrupts you at their convenience and you are incentivized with the useless points. Or sometimes they tell you to do something because your friend did it. The more apps you download, the more easy your life might become. But if you allow them to work on their own, your life might become kinda hell.


Of course not everything is dark, most of the things is in grey area. This is a rant on people who use or rather get used by the apps.

Remember it is your phone and you want make sure they exist to help you or serve you. Not the other way around. Yes, they will interrupt you, try to make you dumb – but you have to take the matter in your hands. First go and customize the notification for each app as you like.

No more unnecessary notifications from all the apps daily informing you of their existence. Or if you are feeling brave, turn off all the notifications.

Then go on and live your life. After 30 days whatever app you haven’t opened yourself that is something you can uninstall. It is difficult to see and ponder which app doesn’t serve you any longer. By doing this experiment, your habit will be revealed to you.

For example, after trying this I found out that I hadn’t used many apps for more than 30 days. So I uninstalled them and boom my life is same because they didn’t matter anyway, their purpose has been served.

Some Apps To Treasure

While few apps will cease to be useful to you, there are some which delivers high output for you to accelerate.

So here are few of those which I like:

  • Inbox: An app from gmail which does all the sorting by itself and helps me managing my communication.
  • Google Calendar: Whatever I do I put it in the calendar. If it ain’t in the calendar then it might not happen.
  • Quora: I check this before sleeping to munch on the various perspectives from different lives.
  • YouTube: Man, I create videos and consume a lot, mostly podcast, interviews and gripping content. This is my go to place to level up and sometimes watch cat videos.
  • LastPass: I have forgotten all my password. Thanks to this app, it helps generate unique passwords without the hassle of me remembering anything.
  • Music: Whenever I feel down, I listen to some selected playlist and my mood is lifted automatically.
  • Podcast: I am a fan of podcast so I listen to them on weekly basis. I highly recommend.

Now it’s your turn, flush out the untouched apps. And share the apps which have made your life better. Keep making something.