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Now Is The Time, Pour Your Emotions

Sometimes all you need is hope and other times you need to get rid of the aspirations and future. Living in present is a difficult thing because every second you are being bombarded with hopes and the paths of achieving more.

If you have 1 million dollars then you aim for the 10 million dollars. Nothing inherently bad in this idea unless your happiness is on the line.

Some people say you should always be restless and aim for the next big thing. Because that’s how you grow. But what if this hampers your happiness. Instead the alternative approach is to be happy in the present moment.

Wherever you are at the present was a dream at some point. So before going on to the next big thing, take a moment and deep breath. Enjoy the moment, be happy and silly. Because you deserve this space. And then slowly transition yourself into the next project. Not to bring in more money if you are content. Instead for the happiness by making impact.

Past Tense

Whatever happens in the past has happened. And it is futile to live in that. Memories on the other hand is living through the past but it should be used sparingly. Make new moments and enjoy the present because that is the way forward and that’s how it should be.

Sometimes your past might be good and sometimes bad. And if you let it your life will be intertwined in that moments.

But the growth happens when you let yourself off the now and do the things which everyone procrastinates.


The other thing which people do wrong is putting things off for a better time. And when it doesn’t happen they regret it.

So go ahead and say things now. If you want to say – Love you to your parents, do it now and often. Don’t wait for them to get sick to make you realize. Whatever your passion, put time in now. Because if you let it for tomorrow then it will never realize.

Do it now, you gotta do it now. I am counting on you.

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