No Use Of FitBit And Screen Time

Fitbit and screen time by Apple are cool things – but are they serving what they intended to be.

Or a better question is – are you using it the way which can benefit you are it is just something arbitrary. And it makes no significance in your life.

The Idea Of Measurement

It doesn’t matter what you are doing – job or business, the parameter to success is the same. You need to know what things to measure, improve and stories to tell.

For example, if you are doing business then measuring the per customer profit might help you to serve a maximum cap of customers to have less stress. The profits would be as you desire the workload will be manageable.

You can’t simple guess such numbers – you need to know the overall expense, stupid expenses, profit grossed and the adhoc amount to be saved, emergency fund. After doing the credit and debit – you have to consider the bare minimum money to have a good average. Because number of customers can become volatile.

So if you can live comfortably with 50 customers then you should aim for 60 each day to have 10 buffer for days when you will hit only 40 customers or maybe less.

Therefore, measuring the right things, averaging and taking concrete decisions is important and can help you take your business or yourself to the next level.


Apple introduced a concept of screen time which enables you to see the weekly statistics on how is your phone usage. How many times you picked up the phone, what were the apps which consumed most of your time and so on.

And I was excited for it. But then slowly it become another notification which pops every week and I dismiss it.

The similar thing happens with the fitbit which helps in identify many statistics about body and assists in various exercises. For many people, it had just became an extension to show off and nothing else.

Although both of the innovation is something to be proud of and should help in accelerating our progress, most people see it just some another fancy thing.


One of my friend bought the Fitbit watch and used it daily. But just used it and never worked on the statistics. If you are fit and you use watch to keep a track then it is fine.

But if you aren’t fit and you do the same things before and after buying the watch then what it is the significance of the watch.

Slowly she stopped watching and gradually stopped wearing the watch. It is okay if you use it for other purposes. But if you intended to use it for fitness then you just wasted the thing.

Importance of Numbers

Numbers are important – it serves a purpose. It helps you quantify things and helps you keep a track and bring out the desired change.

So next time you use the apps or ideas which involves numbers – take a look, see if you need to take action and then do it. That is the way to use it the efficient way. I hope you take on the difficult path of change – because I believe you can do more.