No One Deserves To Be Treated Badly

As you walk through the hallway, you meet your buddy. Your eyes get lit because she wasn’t coming to college for a long time. And she surprised you by coming to college now that she is alright.

You are relieved that she is fine and energized to meet and go crazy. Now she sees you – smiles and keeps walking.

You go for the fist bump and shout – ‘Yeah’. But she didn’t respond. So you shout louder and then you shout at her for ruining the moment. She gets mad and walks away – and you shout again from the back.

She is your best friend and you didn’t expect a lame response for such an epic fist bump.

There is definitely something wrong with her – at least that’s what you assume. And you feel bad. Because you shouted at her and she did seem to react to it. What if she is now angry with you…?

The Evening

It’s okay you think. All you have to do is buy some flowers and show up with an apology face. After all, she is your buddy.

So in the evening, you come across her. And she is delighted to see you – both of you talk about the low days when she was down. And how she became stronger in these days. You ask for her apology – and she smiles. She says she is fine, just don’t ever talk in a condescending tone.

You nod your head. And both of you take a walk in the park. The weather is nice and you talk about relationships, connection, and prospective job.

Everything is fine but then a few of your colleagues show up. The ones who are rowdy in nature and talk crazy.

They pass by you and call you out – and then you do the same. They move on. And when you see back to your friend, she is staring at you. She is angry again…

No One

You are surprised to see her angry. And she calls you out – to never talk to anyone in a condescending manner.

It seemed okay for you because they were rude too. But how you talk, stay calm is a measure of your confidence. And how you react is who you are. If anyone can make you angry and rude and lose your calm, then it is a bad thing.

Reflect good and no matter what – speak with dignity, clarity and calmly. If nothing, it is a reflection of your character.