No Logic With Parents

As you grow up, you will have strong opinions on many things – politics, climate change and education system.

And when you encounter someone with a differing belief, you will be tempted to show her the right way. Therefore you will be the instigator of many debates.

Some will land you wins and most will end in situation where you have rubbed someone the wrong way.

Relationships can take a toll because of strong difference in opinion and slowly your friend circle will be those who have many opinions in common.

You Owe Them

Your parents are your lifeline and they have given you everything they can to make you an educated person.

Now that you are all grown up, you can see the difference in their thinking and yours.

But that comes from the fact that you are generations apart. And it has nothing to do with them being bad at gauging the world around.

Have A Good Time

So make sure you hang out with your parents and go easy when they bring up something you don’t agree upon.

There is no need to have a heated argument every time you meet them. Chill.

Just go along and make sure you give them the best possible life and companionship. If not for anything just for the karmic payback.

You don’t have to win every time. And sometimes winning means giving in.