Next Time You Converse

See whether the person is getting uncomfortable, if so then stop. Asking general questions is beginning – ask more detailed question too.

Don’t only ask questions – share your story too. When you finish asking – where do you work share your answer too after they answer.

Also don’t bomb question after question – breathe in and relax to give an opportunity for the other person to ask question.

Don’t make it feel like some kind of interrogation. Have fun and smile along.

Be respectful if they don’t want to answer something – move on. If you insist it makes you look like a bad person and you are eliminating my your chance of connection.

If this is your initial encounter, don’t ask personal questions or ask for any favours.

Look into the eyes. Not all the time – enough to make the conversation feel genuine. If you are getting bored, close off the conversation and then come back later.

If they are avoiding you then take the cue and get out of the situation because it makes you look smart and makes the situation less awkward.

If you are unsure about what to talk then discuss a current news article which isn’t political. Because people get passionate about politics and it can get heated.

Avoid people who are continuing to make fun of you even when it makes you uncomfortable. The same goes with you – always see if your joke is taken in good spirit. If the other person isn’t happy, then it is nice to shut up and move on.

In the first conversation don’t start criticising them for anything. Also don’t over praise it. Try to stay neutral with occasional wow and hmm…

If both of you are out of words because of nervousness then excuse yourself and then come back later. This is 10 times better than standing there smiling with the situation being awkward.

If in group conversation, try to converse with all of them. Make sure you don’t make someone feel left out. Conversely if you are being left out then add something good in the moment or excuse yourself.

If the person is of opposite gender, restrict your flirting if it is your first meeting. Instead try to get to know the person and something about their passion.

Doesn’t matter if someone is of upper or lower status than you – talk with the same energy. You will be the one whom people will remember, praise and give respect to.

If you are not genuinely interested in someone then all that will follow will be fake and it will be caught. Don’t get into the trap to talk with famous people. Instead try to talk with people who interests you.

Be respectful, smile and remember small details – next time when you converse bring them back and you will be seen as awesome.