New Things Come From Something Out Of Routine

Each day is a battle where you go out and do the work and come back home. Money is power and as long as you have that sorted you can focus on other things. Else you need to do the hard core work to get the money things sorted.

Also money solves most of the problems. That is the reason you should save and invest a big part of your income so that at tough times you will be prepared.

No matter how much lucky you feel, there can be bad times where you will be frustrated because there will be no money. Even big celebrities who had earned millions of dollars found themselves at the verge of bankruptcy.

For them at least they have the network of connection to get back into work. You will find yourself in tough spot with no money.

Your friends and relatives will show you the true color and back off. Suddenly you aren’t invited to parties because you don’t have money.

And getting money comes from the daily job where you have to do the routine stuff. It is stressful sometimes to be a machine who churns out money and feels desperate. But you gotta do it. If you want to break this then do a weekend job to earn money. Save and invest a lot initially and let the compounding take the effect.

Once you have a solid money backing, go and find other jobs which makes you happy and pays well too. Repeat this for a long time and boom you will lead a good happy life.

Routine Is Life

Whatever you want to accomplish can be done only when you set something in a routine. Which you do everyday. Because if you do it everyday only then can you make it as a discipline. And do some crazy improvements over the year.

You have to take that step each day. If you are someone who wants to act then open the camera and shoot something. Learn all day and shoot it what you have learnt. Do it again and again.

Sometimes watch back yourself to see how much you have improved. Learn from past and improvise the present and your future self will thank you.

My Swimming Journey

Learning swimming at the age of 25 isn’t an easy route. But is is better than never learning it. So when I decided I wanted to swim, I dedicated myself to go and learn everyday.

Sometimes it would rain, the water was cold and there will be only 2 people at the swimming pool, I didn’t cared. Each day I made sure I went to the swimming pool. When I looked back previous day the progress doesn’t seemed anything. But when you look back a year then it all comes full circle. You never realize how much you would have accomplished in the span of year.

Each day seemed like making no progress, but it is there. For you to see it you have to take a step back and see the whole picture.

Mom Is Right

There came a point in my swimming where I couldn’t get the courage to swim in the deep water. And I thought I will quit.

Then I told my mom I might not go today and she got angry. She explained me that when things get uncomfortable to the point that you feel like quitting, that is the point where you should stay strong and stick.

I wasn’t sure about this. Nevertheless I went ahead with low expectation that day,

And boom with the help of one of the lifeguard, I completed the lap of deep water. There was chills in my body. But I did it.

My mom was right, it was just this push one more time that I should have done and it made me come out victorious.

Next time if you feel drained out of doing something routine, stick for little longer and you might see the fruitful result.

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