Negativity Spreads Faster

The restaurant was lit like it is a holiday – the fireworks made the entry grand. And the comfy seat asked for a royal seating arrangement. Such was the view of the new opened Chinese restaurant.

The doorman greeted you with a smile, the receptionist asked for the people and guided you to the table. You sat and immediately a glass of minted water was served. You felt awesome and had a good conversation about the recent politics – while shuffling through the menu.

The dishes were exotic – at least in the description and the prices seemed at par with the hype. Your friends were counting on you to order something which might delight them.

Pressure was building and you were confused on how to please all of them – so you ordered something which many people liked. Some noodles, some rice and crab soup. Also for starters you asked for the fried leg piece to boost your appetite.

With a sigh of relief, you looked at the time when the waiter said – the dishes will arrive in 15 minutes.


With the flavors of the spices, the gooey soup and the hotness which filled the environment – the food made the day of all the friends. You feel your stomach is full but you ask for some extra soup to devour – it is too tasty to pass on.

The chicken was tender, thready and well-cooked, the noodles just the right size and the rice were long and flavored.

In a nutshell, everything you could ask for in a food treat. You did a good job of ordering and the platter served everyone with a heart, soul and love.

Good Evening

When all of your friends chat with you, express their feelings and have good food – that is a fine evening. A one where you get the opportunity to relax, look back and find all the good energies.

Sometimes you wonder – why such evenings are rare. Or is it something not on your priority list.

You walk down the road to home because the food made you full and walking is the best option to feel good. The road is windy with the sky full of stars – walking with your friends and star gazing, slow walking, talking about life and relationship – is this a dream or reality.

And you all go home. Days pass by – one of your colleague asks for the review of the restaurant.

And you say, “the food arrived late”. Rest was good.

But all your friend heard was – it ain’t good because the food will not arrive on time and ruin your mood.

All the things which was awesome was left by you which were in some way result of the restaurant location and food – but you focused on the one negative thing.

And so did the colleague. The negativity tends to spread faster and deep. Next time, someone asks you to review something or ask for advice – why not list all the good things first. And then bad things with less emphasis. Because aren’t all experiences flawed like humans.