How Much Muscle Can You Gain In A Month?

How Much Muscle Can You Gain In A Month?

At the heart of this question lies many questions.

  • How to lose weight?
  • How to lose fat?
  • How to become strong?
  • How to look great? &
  • How to do minimum things to get maximum output in your body?

Let’s explore – why you would want to put muscle in your body. Maybe because it’s the thing which makes you look strong. Or makes strong.

Perhaps, all your life – you wanted to lift weights. And that means putting in muscle. So, you want that – fast, easy and in a month.

You want to impress a girl who will only be impressed if you are a bodybuilder. At least, that’s what you believe. So, you want to get those huge biceps. And it’s fine – if you don’t workout your whole body. It’s for show off anyway.

How to lose weight?

If your intention is to lose weight then it doesn’t matter if you are putting on muscle mass or not.

For weight loss, there is a simple metric.

Calorie Burn > Calorie Intake

Meaning, you should eat fewer calories than your body consumes in a day. If your body consumes 2000 calories then eat 1500 calories. And over time, you will lose weight.

Nothing else is needed from your side to lose weight. However, one thing to note is – your micronutrients should be enough in your diet. Eating less doesn’t mean you eat unbalanced and nutrient-deficient food.

A simple example is to eat all your variety of food. But eat less rice or no rice. That’s how you eliminate the extra calories from your food intake.

How to lose fat?

If you eat a calorie deficit diet then you will lose weight which might include losing the fats, muscle and water content of your body.

Specifically losing fat is hard. Often, you can achieve this by having a diet rich in proteins which help in muscle building. And then doing exercises which require energy – often taken from fat.

This way, some people’s weight might not change. They will lose fat and develop muscle at the same time.

How to become strong?

Strong is a factor of many things. You can measure these by doing things. For example, lifting weights. But it depends on what type of strength you want to become.

Sumos, weightlifters, bodybuilders and athletes are all strong human being. However, their body is quite different.

Hence, if you are chasing strong – you can do so with your current body type. Due to training, your body will change. But, your strength can increase and you can be seen as strong in any body type – it depends.

How to look great?

Part of this question is to look within and change your mindset on what great is. And another is to define what a great body is and work for it.

Regardless, no matter how hard you try or how amazing you look eventually – if you consider your worth from other people, you will keep getting disappointed. For example, a big YouTuber might get 10000 lovely messages. But they still get few hateful messages.

If you let the hate get to your head then the 10000 lovely messages don’t matter.

How to do minimum things to get maximum output in your body?

Hacks, short-cuts, 30-day transformation don’t work. At least the way you want it. If you want to look great then you have to work hard for it. There is no other way around it.

Yes, you will see hacks and short-cuts advertised but often those will be scams. Or it will involve some type of medications that will be illegal or unhealthy or both.

If having a great body was easy then everyone will be having them. It takes work – you do your time.

How much muscle can you gain in a month?

If you are starting out then you can gain about 1 kg of muscle in a month if you train hard and eat a protein-rich diet.

However, muscle growth will be lower in the coming months. Because there is a limit to how much you can grow. It depends on various factors like your height, skeleton and general body shape.

The best measure for a healthy body is doing you look good in a mirror, can you lift weights, can you run, do you feel strong. If you answered YES to all then you are healthy. And have good enough muscles within you.