Moving On

Relationships end, people move and sometimes end their physical being on the Earth.

If you have spent enough time with her then it is difficult to see the transition. Suddenly there will be vacuum in your life and the world might collapse. At least it will feel that way for some time.

Her memories might come in your way of working, seeing things and it will be hard to cope up.

For sometime it might seem so. But then slowly time will heal you. And you will find these things normal – her absence will stop bothering you. Of course, her memories will still come but these will be fun and bring nostalgia to you.

New People

Your life isn’t limited by the few number of people you meet. Some people might leave you and some might enter your life.

And every time someone leaves you for any reason there will be little heart ache but there will be someone will enter and make your life beautiful.

There is no point in living in the past. Think about what is in front of you and then live the life to the fullest.

The Ultimate Goal

Life’s ultimate goal isn’t to live a life to touch everyone, it’s not impossible but unlikely in your lifetime.

Rather focus on living the best life possible in every present moment, doing the work so that it touches few lives.

That’s it and the life will keep on being a roller coaster – sometimes up and sometimes down, hoping mostly up.