Movement In Body

You have one body with which you have to live for about 100 years. That’s a lot of time and if you don’t take care of your body then you will live in pain.

Here are some pointers to see if you need to work on your body. Can you do the following – these are something almost all healthy people should be able to do. Here it is –

  • Stretch your legs to make an angle of at least 90 degrees
  • Run 5km everyday
  • No knee pain
  • Able to take stairs with no problem
  • When you sit down on floor, you should be able to get up without using your hands
  • No sugar problem
  • Your weight is in the normal range of measurement
  • Do some basic stretches without any problem
  • No back pain. If you have, then try sleeping on hard mattress.
  • You don’t have any eating problems – can’t eat your required inputs
  • Can do your basic human things without any help
  • Have a routine sleeping schedule
  • Your bones haven’t gone brittle

If you can’t do this then your body isn’t in the best form. But no worries – better late than never. Start to achieve this state now. And if you are young, beware of your habits.

Take care of your body, make sure it has movements – it is the only bio vehicle you have for your lifetime.