Most Important News

Most Important News

Does it exist? Or is it a mere manifestation of your imagination. Back in the 80s and 90s, the news was delivered in simple tone. And you couldn't make out whether it was an important news or not. It was up to you to decide.

Compare this to the current (2020s) news, you see all sorts of energy. It's as if everything is important and you are forced to take everything at heightened level.

So the question is - is any news important? Let's find out...

Not Important To You

The world is big. It's more than 7 billion people. So, at any given point, there is something happening which affects some of those people. But, most of them isn't important to you.

For example, a building collapsed in Mexico isn't relevant to you in New York. Even in New York, only a few things are important to you. So the best thing to do is look out for your local news. And feed on global news as a summary. That way you can sort what's important to you.

The news people will tell you how everything is important to you. And that's a lie. Many things aren't in your power. You can't do anything. It doesn't affect you. And you would be better doing things locally.

This doesn't mean - you are disregarding bad things happening worldwide. As a normal citizen, you can do much about things locally. And for worldwide things, people in power can take their decisions.

A pro tip here is to consume your news in one go - for not more than 30 minutes. Because only a few things are relevant. And listening to news all day doesn't do good for you, especially when all the bad things are showcased to you.

The Scam Of Breaking News

If there is breaking news everyday in the news channel you watch then it probably isn't. Breaking news means it's something sudden, huge or unexpected. An accident isn't a breaking news, it's a news.

Breaking news by definition is uncommon. So, it comes rarely. Like a nationwide strike, terrorist attack or an airplane crash in your area.

The Tone Of News

If you are watching news and it makes you feel a certain way because of the tone then that's bad. News are supposed to be unbiased and facts. For example, an airplane crashed. That's it.

Sure, there can be debates, opinions and accusations - but those aren't news. They shouldn't be targeted as news. And you shouldn't consume them thinking it as news.

It's difficult to find straight news - but try to find some which doesn't deviate much. And then draw your own conclusions.

Or better follow someone who shares weekly analysis of the news. Someone who is of your thinking and understanding. As such, there is a huge opportunity for reporters to start their own analysis for interested people. Right now, there is just one in the newspaper. There can be 100s and you can choose as you want.

Most important news is different for everyone. And if something is targeted heavily as the most important news, then be cautious moving forward. In the end, think for yourself and make your own conclusions.