More Time Isn’t The Answer

As you open your eyes, you realize it is past 11. And you are still sleeping. You deserve it because you have got a week off after a long time.

Working tirelessly, commuting for long hours and appearing cheerful has drained you. Now, you can finally do the passion work which you wanted to. Of course, you started working on it. But you used to find only a few hours. And now, you have the whole week to yourself.

There are no personal engagements. So you can visually see yourself doing fantastic work. That 8 hours you used to work at the office, you can work on your passion project.

Next Day

You are at home with nothing to do for a week. So, you spend the first day doing nothing. Sleeping a lot, eating and then binge-watching shows online.

Because, of course, you have the next day to work on your passion project.

At the end of the day, you plan out your next day. You are excited because you can do so much. And then bring your creative project to life.

The next day comes. And then you start working on your project. For 15 minutes. Then a notification comes from instant messaging. And you get deep in the message from your friends. After that, you surf YouTube for a break.

And the next thing you know is that 2 hours have passed. Finally, you can work and get things done. But it’s lunchtime. So, you eat lunch. And watch some shows online. After half an hour, you have finished your meal. But the show had intrigued you. So you keep watching.

Since you are at home, your mom has stuffed you with too much food. And now, you are feeling sleepy. So you decide you will work with fresh energy after taking a quick nap.

And that nap turns into a 2-hour sleep.

After you wake up, you realize that your body feels dehydrated. So you eat some breakfast and go for a walk. The nature is beautiful. And you get lost. 

After roaming for an hour, you get home. And think it is too late to continue your passion project. So you watch some television.

It’s all good because you still have the next day to work on your creative project. Which you wanted to with all your might.

What’s Happening

You thought that given more time, you would do so much work on your creative project. But you are working the same like before. And you are doing the time pass for the remaining free time you are having.

Of course, you are passionate. And really want to do the work. But you end up doing other things. What’s happening and how you can do better.

The thing is when you are faced with doing creative work, it is difficult. On the other hand, when you want to consume something – it is an easy decision.

All you have to do is open up movie. And keep watching it. No attention is required. But when you have to create something, you have to put in the energy, attention and think. That is a stretch.

And given all the easy access, it is easy to procrastinate or waste your time. Than to do something. That’s why when you were busy earlier, you did the creative work in the few works which you got.

But when you are faced with all the time, you can quickly be hooked into doing any different consuming thing. To do creative work, you have to sit down and force yourself. Despite your love for the passionate work.

The Promise

The best way to do creative work is to find a slot of work. For example, even if you have the whole day to yourself, don’t think you can do the work anytime.

Schedule your project for a specific time. Whatever the Time you want to work on. Be it one hour or two.

Now, when the day starts, you can do anything you like. As long as you shut down all things and work on a creative project in the specified time. Even if the inspiration doesn’t strike you. Do nothing and sit for 2 hours in the specified time.

Another way to look is that you will find the energy to do only one hour of creative work. And that’s how you are. So even if you have all day to yourself or just 2 hours, you will do 1 hour of a passion project. And it’s okay.

Also, another strategy is to promise yourself what you will do every day. For example, if your passion project is to build an app with coding, then promise to write 10 lines of code every day.

Now, it doesn’t matter if your busy all day or you have all the time in the world, when you wake up – write that 10 lines of code.

Pro tip: When you have the energy, write more than 10 lines of code and keep it aside for the days when you don’t find the energy to write codes. Remember, this way, your promise will be kept of 10 lines of code every day.

And your passion project won’t be dependent on the Time off you get. It’s just how you live your life. Go and complete your promise of the passion project of yours. More Time or less, shouldn’t matter to you. Your promise is beyond.