Moderation Is The Key

Aspiration keeps you going. To achieve the next big thing. There is this philosophy that you needn’t be satisfied with what you have now. Because if you are then you will not grow anymore.

But I am not a fan of this. I try to live my life with ‘being in the moment’.

My friends ask me if I am satisfied and I respond, YES. And then they ask me if you want to grow and I respond, YES.

And they lose their mind. Because for them one of the answers has to be negative. If you are satisfied then you will not grow. And if you want growth and then you can’t be satisfied.

But I responded saying – I am satisfied and I am looking for growth. They couldn’t get it…

Past, Present, And Future

Let’s break this down. If your thinking is to be unhappy today for getting something in the future then once you achieve that, you will be unhappy to get something more in an even more distant future.

That doesn’t seem like a great deal to me. On the contrary, I aspire something. And when I get it, I enjoy it. I am happy what I was able to get. And then I drive myself to get even more. Once I reach there, I settle to enjoy the phase because I worked hard for it.

So I end up being happy and hungry for more. Most people get all warmed up when I say I am satisfied.

Yes, I am satisfied not in the sense that I don’t want more. But in the sense that I satisfied by the result I have in front of me. Which is making me happy.

And then I will be hungry for some more action.

Now that sounds like a good deal to me.


The basic thing to take away is to enjoy your present. Because you worked hard for it. Let that sink in.

And keep that in mind your hunger for more shouldn’t be stopped. Because you can do more.

So go ahead and enjoy the day because you deserve it and worked hard for it. A simple metaphor is a school – if you get to school all 365 days then it is bad. But you go for 9 months – a metaphor with hard work. Then you get 3 months vacation – metaphor to be satisfied and happy for all the hard work you did.

And then you are hungry again for the next level. So chill and make most of today – this is the guaranteed one which you got.