Making Things Today

It is difficult to think of all the things you want to do. If you sit down and jot down the amount of work you need to do, it might take another lifetime.

There is no way you could do it all. So you give up and instead of pursuing a few things, you do nothing. You sit there and make the time pass away. Slowly like a small poison would do to kill.

And it doesn’t feel bad because when you see things in short frame, you don’t understand the things in depth.

Time is a valuable asset, one which everyone has in the same quantity. Doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor, privileged or casted away, you have got 24 hours. And if you do nothing, those time slips by. There is no greater wealth in the world other than time. More money can be made. If you lose money, you can make the money back with your hard work. But no amount of work or regret will make the time come by again. On the contrary, the more time you invest in the pain – the more time will be lost.

Dark Mode

History is fascinating and you can learn from it. And yeah there is nothing else but to learn from it. You can try to understand the meaning but since there were no cameras or stories as being written right now, most of it was manipulated and made in such form that the winner is highlighted in high regards. The truth is there are no heroes or villains – just people with different perspective on something. There isn’t ever black or white, there is always a grey shade.

So you might think that people who achieve so much in their life is because they are awesome, truth is they aren’t. They are as much as flawed, lazy and not driven as you are.

But at some point in their life, they decided to shift gears and that’s when the magic happened. Even though they aren’t in their prime all the time. So let those weight of being a certain way or doing things with certain gear out of the window.

You have to decide what kind of history you will leave behind. And since now there isn’t any type of manipulation which can work for longer, you have to leave us with your work.

How many people have you impacted, what type of aura you want people to remember you. Remember, you might feel life is a roller coaster and you don’t know which turn it might take. Ultimately you will find that you are one who decides on which roller coaster you want to have the journey.


When you have a week off, you sleep till your hearts content. And you should do that – but then there comes a new show on the Netflix and you start binge watching. After that, you crave about music – so there goes another hour. And then there is a list of cat videos you can watch on YouTube.

The list goes on. If you see the common thread then it is easy to note that there was earphone or headphone in every activity. You are glued to the earpiece because that’s the type of content you consume and it’s addictive too.

You can easily spend about 4 hours on YouTube watching absolutely random things. You won’t realise how much time has elapsed and then you switch to watching movies or listening to music. Or simply chatting with someone while you do passive things like watching TV.

Take a moment and don’t use your headphone for at least one hour. You will realise that your option to consume entertainment has reduced by 80 percent. The rule is not using your ear sensation. And boom you find yourself as bored.

This is a new feeling – not knowing what to do. You have been used to just swiping and clicking on stuff which comes off your phone screen. Now since you are bored, you need to think of something to keep you engaged and it’s difficult.

Being bored means you have to either make peace with it or do something about it. And often you have to get creative to come out of the boredom. And that’s when the best things happen – you make things, come out of new ideas and make things happen. The idea isn’t to entertain the world – it is simply to entertain yourself. And front this starts your journey.

Now Is The Time

If you are frustrated about something in life then do something about it. When you get free time then sure relax. But use some of that time to do the things that matters to you.

Maybe it’s writing or dancing or trying some business on the side. You can either think about how others are lucky or how difficult things are. Or just get going and figure out things on the way

It ain’t easy, it never is. But that’s the beauty of it. You have to keep a rock solid attitude about your time. And allow yourself to get bored. Don’t reach out to your phone, every time you get bored. Let your brain become creative and come up with stuffs.

The best thing is to inculcate things like solving your problem, creating things and making yourself grow as a means to do time pass. Train your brain to take the leap of experimenting with new things as a way to enjoy your time. And soon you will find yourself in a better perspective of things.

Focus on doing many things today and don’t underestimate yourself. Sure things can look a little hard when you try visualise stuff 5 years down the line. But remember, you will change and so your capabilities. So keep pushing and believe in yourself. You are worth the try and your life is in your hands.

Sometimes a simple hello to your family is missed because of the constant time pass. Remember you are the one who decides how you are and will live your life. Which roller coaster you will have to her journey on.