Making Art On Weekends

As an artist, you feel the need to create something. And most of the times, it is something which isn’t great. But if you do it with passion, learn from it and don’t spend all your money on it, then you get to do it again.

For example, you might be doing a 9 to the 5-day job. And your passion can be painting at weekends.

They cost you $10 per week. If they turn out to be something of no use, you can try them again. And hone on your skills. For only $40 a month price, you get to keep doing your passion. And that is something most people can only dream off. So this is a big bargain to consider.

But what if they are bad and no one wants them…?

The Commercial Angle

If you can earn money from your creative work then it is an ultimate goldmine. You can stop doing your day job and focus 100 percent on your passion. Money is a big factor based upon which you make most of life’s decision.

But if your work isn’t appreciated, isn’t up to the level, not being sold then it can feel like a trap.

You are doing all this and no even is giving you even a penny. The doubt comes in your mind about your creative output.

It doesn’t matter. Most of the times, your art won’t be fruitful, won’t make huge changes and it’s okay. You learn from it, do it again. Keep the cycle of making art going. Because doing the work should matter more than the money it could bring.

Two Possibilities

Either you make bad art. Then you need to consider – are you doing sloppy work. If yes, then take more time to deliver.

Or you deliver the best you can – but still, no one pays attention. It is fine because the purpose of art is to do it for self first. As long as you are happy, keep doing it.

But if making money at some point is important to you, then you need to ask your potential buyers – what they would like. And work upon your art, invest time and money and learn from the masters.

And if everything fails, choose another art. You can do it, keep doing something for every day and with persistence to improve, you will.

On a similar note, trying new things is uncomfortable because it might not work – but who cares. Do it anyway as long as you survive off something else. Doing something to survive and something else because you can. Go make something you enjoy doing.