Make Better Decisions

On a rainy day, forgetting the umbrella is bad. Because you will get stuck. The rain won’t allow you to commute without getting wet.

And being wet isn’t a nice feeling. If you aren’t prepared, your mobile phone would get wet. That is the biggest fear. You can allow yourself to get wet but not your phone.

Because the phone is costly. And you have probably bought them in easy installments. So you haven’t even paid off the money.

And the big thing is that everything you do or not do resides on your phone. So, it would take a toll on you to not use phone for any period of time. It has gone to such extent that you check your phone even if it doesn’t prompt any notification.

Of course, you will get angry. And it gets worse when the anger stays on your mood. What follows is the series of bad decisions. Is there a way to not slide into bad decisions and maintain your calm. Let’s find out.

Talk With Someone

The best thing to do when you get angry is to call someone. Who is close to you – be it your mom, sister or lover. Someone who understands you and can listen.

Often you don’t have to listen for advice. You are angry, and just venting out your anger can relieve you. And when the person who you are talking with is someone you admire and love, it helps you.

So the best thing you can do is talk with someone in person or by phone. For example, for me – I talk with my mom and friends. Sometimes, I cry and they listen calmly. Sometimes they offer me advice. In the end of the session, my anger has calmed down. Or at the least, it has been subsided.

Go For A Walk

When you are bombarded with a deadline to make a decision, your emotions can control you. And the decisions you make can be bad.

So the best thing is to take a walk. So that you are alone. And it will help your mind to get diverted. This time is important because it helps your emotions to calm down. And you can evaluate all the possibilities.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you will make the best decisions all the time. But it will help you to make a better decision than you would have otherwise.

When you are in sync with nature, your mind opens up. And you experience a calming feeling. And that’s the best thing to do. When you are not in hurry, burdened with emotions or angry – you make better decisions.

Eat, Sleep And Make Better Decision

Being calm is the key to make better decision. So, if time permits then eat, sleep and then make decision.

Because, your mind will become calmer when you eat and sleep. Because eating helps you to gain nutrients and vitamins for better functioning. And sleep helps recover from many body and mind injuries. So the ultimate thing you can do is eat, sleep and then take a walk in the morning.

And you will make better thought-out decisions in your life. To summarize, talk with someone you love, take a walk or eat & sleep. For making better decisions.