Love Is In The Air Or is it?

Going to work is a pain in the neck. Everyday you find energy to pull yourself out of bed. Make the breakfast and reason yourself that work is necessary – it brings food to the table. Sumeet was unhappy too. Because his passion was singing. And there was no way for him to become the next singing idol. Or bring in loads of money. He was stuck with his day trading job. Which was boring to him. But there wasn’t much that could be done.

Living alone with his parents, he felt the pressure was to be independent. After all, he didn’t wanted to ask for money from his parents. It was beyond his ego.

Ego can make or break things for you. In a relationship, if you make your ego a high stance than your communication might suffer. Also there might come misunderstandings and fights. Ego = not good.

Sipping Tea

While sipping on his morning tea, his tongue got burnt. And he remembered the wildest memory of his life. The first date he went on – with the girl Alia. Her mesmerizing eyes, dark complexion and the sweet melodious voice. It all flashed before his eyes.

He remembered his burnt tongue while on date. And how she laughed her heart out on his silly reaction. He cherished the moment for hours. At least he felt so. It was only minutes in reality.

Journey To Basement

Her clothes, gifts and other left over things were in the basement. Sumeet was getting late for the office. But the memories were hitting hard, it seemed okay to skip the first half of work day. He decided it was time to go in the basement and think, get lost in her musings.

She had moved on. It was hard for Sumeet to revisit all the belongings of her. It was a reminder that he still loved her a lot. And this process wasn’t helping him move any sooner. Still, he sat on the chair and started recounting everything. Things which were good, bad and the moment where it started to fall apart.

Somehow he wished it was all a dream. And then among all the clutter – he found the collection of photos – of the ring. Sumeet had marriage in his plan. But fights, misunderstandings and the flaws came in between. And he never got the chance to get a step closer to proposal.

In hindsight, it was good. Else it would have been way more painful.

It’s Time

Sumeet realized that the belongings bring back memories. Instead of crying and feeling guilty, he should embrace that he love her. And it is okay that she ain’t loving him.

The idea isn’t to move on from her and forget about her. Rather it is to make peace with the fact that he had a relationship and it is over now. Sumeet knew he is less sad than he was 3 months ago when breakup happened. Sure, he felt confident that with more time, he will be more closer to be peace with the memories of her.

But he also figured, it’s time to get rid of her belongings. He doesn’t need to obsess or be reminded of her by the belongings every now and then. And he went on to the office – seeming okay, dull and tired. Only he knew the reasons. He knew with time he will be better. So he moved on…

Maybe it is the pain which breaks us
Or sometimes it is the disbelief within us
But time is the biggest healer
And you have more relationship to maintain, so be open and spread love.