Loss Of Job From Climate Change

Automation has been happening from ages and it is the product of industrialization. And it helped to produce cars at scale, computers at an affordable price and ability to travel anywhere in the world.

But there is a war. As soon as something gets automated, there is a chance that the jobs of people will go away.

And capitalist people want that thing. For them, it doesn’t matter if people are starving, they want to bring in more money than ever. That’s their incentive for making AI and automation a norm in everything.

But the society is reflecting strongly because now you can voice your concerns on the internet, a debate is going on and there is a tension.

You Are Replaceable

And that’s how the industry works. Because that way you don’t have any leverage. If you want more money then they can fire you and hire someone else. It is a race to the bottom and you will lose.

On the contrary, if you are the top performer or someone who provides exclusive value then you have leverage. And automation isn’t likely to do anything to your job.

But what about the other people whose job can be lost because of automation?

Let’s consider an example, the waiter needs to take orders and deliver food. At many places, robots have taken over their job and the capitalist boss is happy. But many waiters haven’t lost their job.

Because customers love them and want to be treated by those specific people. As a waiter, you can add human values – ask them specific things based on your interaction, make them feel warm and interact like a family member.

All of these are things which robots can’t do now. So in any job of yours, you can add a human level empathy and emotional labor. That way your clients would want to work with you compared to a robot.

Be A Better Boss

But capitalist people are not a different species. They were among your friends. It is a desire from within to get more once you become a boss and your company starts scaling.

As an individual, if you have a company, you can focus on human values, changing the culture and doing good things.

Your lifestyle would be the same if you have 1 billion dollar or 2 billion dollars in your bank account. But you can keep 1 billion dollars and distribute rest to charity, increasing bonus or salary for people working for you, investing in better product upgrade and keeping cash flow for loss years.

It’s a choice and if more people make that choice – the better company culture will become and automation won’t impact in a negative way.

Be Prepared

Keep leveling up, keep adding more value and make yourself a top performer or an exclusive person. Because jobs can go away anytime.

For example, if you are a farmer who grows apple on your farm and that is your only source of income. But you aren’t worried about automation so you are relaxing. Then a storm comes and alters the area destroying your crop and land. Now you can’t grow anything for 2 years.

So, things can happen. Save up, invest and have a cushion of money. Also, keep on leveling yourself – that way you don’t need to worry about automation or AI.

Because no matter how much better they become, you have your own unique value and you have the human connection, empathy, and heart.