Losing The Reference Point

As you grow your body starts to become weak and your brain will shut down too – but for a certain period of time, you will grow mentally faster and at an exponential rate while your body is becoming weak daily.

As such you prioritize to focus on the task which requires your mental energy and you limit your physical activity. And then you fall sick, go to doctor and find out that you have more restrictions than before.

Each day your bio-vehicle is degrading and there seems nothing you can do about it. But let us turn the dial back a little and you will find that it was you who decided that now you are weak. Your body did showed signs of weakness but it is you who let that take more importance.

The ideal body is one where you can walk for 5 kilometers each day and do all your chores. If you find yourself in pain then eat right, do yoga, exercise, stretching and 10 different things.

Last thing you need to do is accept the weakness and do nothing about it. Your mind can work efficiently and you can enjoy the benefits as long as you can move. A healthy body is of prime importance. Don’t let it take the backseat.

If you think that when you are old it is time to relax, think again because now is the time to move more than ever before. Because your building blocks are falling and you need to keep it in good shape to move ahead with fun and enjoyment.

Work And Exercise          

The amount of work you do and how it impacts your life is important to know and distinguish. Sometimes you might not be rewarded instantly for your work or it won’t be reflected in your annual review.

But if your aim is to grow as a person then you will be rewarded when you switch the jobs. And it will reflect well on your life because you did the work to improve even when it seemed waste. So you have to know the reference point and do the work accordingly.

For example, if your reference point would have be current paycheck and working any harder won’t make a difference. But once you know that it will benefit you in future – thus changing your reference point, you can take the decision that way. No one way is good or bad, in either case you need to know your reference point.

The same goes for the exercise – if you want to impress people in 1 month then you have to take the needle which I believe isn’t the wisest way to go.

On the other hand, if you aim to have strength and fit body then maybe you shouldn’t be worried what people say about you now.

Changing the reference point, knowing about it and being crystal clear helps in doing the work now which matters to you.

A Task

Let me give you a task – find something in your life where you can tweak the reference and boom you can come up with many different variations to help, guide and level up your performance. For example, if you are playing sport then looking it as a hobby instead of a competitive sport can bring in more happiness.

Seeing the girl you are dating as a potential partner instead of a soul mate will reduce the pressure. Because now you know it is a potential and not the only one.

Same goes in following your passion – if you are worried about the money you make. Try to get a day job for money and see your passion as a side project for a different impact. Maybe your work will touch lives of 5 people. Now it ain’t bringing in money but it doesn’t matter because you are looking at it with a different reference.

It’s like a game and you can win the game or change the reference – whatever you do – I want you to know the reference, tweak If necessary and give in your best.