Limitless Opportunity On The Internet

At the least, you need to participate.

Let's pick acting as an example. All the opportunities were controlled by a few media companies. And the persons in charge would decide who can and cannot enter the movie industry. As a result of this, many talented actors might not get a chance for limited opportunities. And sometimes because the person in charge doesn't like you. Or has a bias against you. All of this makes it hard for you to pursue your talent. But there is no alternative.

Until came the internet, you could upload your acting videos on YouTube. Now, you could show your talent to the world. There is no gatekeeper. And if you view Internet websites as gatekeepers, then there is always an option to upload them on your website. And it sits there for anyone willing to find you. Even while you sleep. All of this might happen without the internet too. But the internet provides you with scale and reach like never before.

Now, it doesn't mean just because you are on the Internet, you will get what you deserve. But at least there is no one stopping you from putting your work on the Internet. And if traditional movie studios gave you 100 opportunities, the Internet provides you much more maybe at the scale of 1,00,000. You can simply earn from your patrons, perform a show for a small audience you have accumulated and enjoy. Internet is all over the world so it has better chances of you finding a meaningful audience. Compare that to your city where only 10 people have found interest in your work. Internet connects all cities of the world and suddenly you can earn from your talent. Definitely not all deserved will get their dues. But it's far better on the Internet than traditionally. So, if you have a talent and traditional companies are ignoring you - you need to at least try on the Internet. Not because you will become successful, you might or not. But you need to use the opportunity at hand.

The Book Business

Writing a book is hard, it often takes years of your life. And then when you send your manuscript to the publishing house - you hear nothing. Because they don't take unsolicited submissions. No one reads your work and shares feedback. Because the publishing house wants money, security and they are afraid to take risks. So, if you have an audience already then they will talk to you. Else, you might get published if they happen to accidentally read your book by sheer chance. And this happens rarely. Unless you have an agent who you can pay, show your value and define an audience - you aren't getting close to getting published.

What do you do with the book you have written? No worries, Internet has you covered. You can go and self-publish your book. You don't have to worry about the technology and delivery part. It will all be taken care of. The Martian book was first self-published. And traditional publishing bought the rights 3 years later after seeing its success. And a movie was made on the basis of the book. But if the author would have gotten disheartened and never self-published it, then the world would have missed out on the Martian.

The point again isn't that all of us would sell millions of copies. It might not happen. But on average, there will be more success through the Internet than from a traditional publishing house. And each one of us has a book inside of us. What if it only sells 1 copy ever because of self-publishing. At least it sold 1, traditional business didn't even give you that opportunity. And by sheer statistics, there will be winners in the self-publishing business on the Internet. Do it because that's the best chance you have today, thanks to the Internet.

Learning And Upgrading

And if all things fail, there is this massive co-ordination in human history. You can learn most of the things on the Internet. Sure, you can find paid things too. But there are enough free resources to make you level up your skills.

All you have to do is make use of the Internet for more than entertainment. Because that's an easy way out. Sure, you need to watch Netflix and your favourite YouTube. But when you need to learn and upgrade your skills, the Internet is your friend with knowledge from all over the world. The best example perhaps is Wikipedia. It's the largest resource on almost anything. For anything, if you want to start your journey, it's a good idea to jump to that Wikipedia page.

And from there on, you can explore the resources available to expand on your knowledge. Most people, they are consumers on the Internet. It made sense on television because to create on television you need permission. It made sense for newspapers because to come on the newspaper you needed permission. But the internet is way above. You can literally start your own entertainment hub or newsletter. No permission is required. So, it makes sense to make use of this mega opportunity of the lifetime.

And it's not late. The best time to be on the Internet was when it first came out and the next best time is today.

Explore all the things on the Internet - your hobbies, career, job and learning can all be on the Internet. Maybe you can do a remote gig, build something, share your art or connect with people all around the world.

Whatever you decide to do - the opportunities are limitless. You can write, code, make up stories, share your creative work, connect, support someone, make a living, find mentors, create together, create a revolution and do whatever you can come up with. If you ever wanted to fly but feared that you don't have wings, use the Internet as your wings to fly high and beyond.

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