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Lift Up The Pressure

Your life is your way of doing things – the way you like. Of course there are reactions you need to seek but there are many areas of life where you are better off by not looking forward.

Dying is a singular process and it just happens. And it is the most unpredictable thing. Of course there might be some indicator because of the bad health or the accidental damage. Overall it is a surprise to many. And people say many things after you might die.

All of the things which you do will vanish and only the life lived mattered for that moment. So why there is all the fuss about?

Let’s imagine for a moment – you are in a 9 to 5 job and you don’t like it. If you intend to start a business and quit your job then you need the pressure, research and the stress buster. But what if you don’t want all of that…

Just Do It

If you want to dance and become the next best dancer then you need to worry about how the each step is and how you perform, the lightning and so many things.

But if you love something then you can just do it they way you like. Each day you can get up practice and record the dance and maybe upload it for the world to see. If they like it fine and if they don’t like it – fine too. Because you aren’t seeking any validation or you don’t aim for a journey to start.

Your journey is personal satisfaction and if you intend to improve you do it on your own terms. Don’t do everything in your life for a monetary reason.

Dance or do whatever you like for the sake of it. Over the course of the years, you might improve. But more importantly you will be having fun and when the time comes when you might be dying – you can see back and realize that you lived well.

Many Avenues

Once you realize and take this thinking deep into your mind – the world becomes a more better place. And by world I mean yours. Because the opportunities keep coming. Maybe you can cook awesome food – you don’t have to start a restaurant. You can shower your loved ones with the delicious food and that is enough.

You might be good in  different things and you might start a business in 1 or 2 but for the rest you can enjoy doing them.

Because now you have lifted off the pressure. And that is the mos important thing.

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