Legends Are Lost

The history of the world is vast. Hence it will often happen that the world will forget about someone or something. Not all the things will be remembered.

And that’s okay. The best thing you can do is to be open about ideas and willing to learn something out of curiosity and to shape your ideas.

It’s alright to not know someone great. Everyone doesn’t know everything. If someone makes you feel small for not knowing someone then step away from them – they are probably toxic people.


The politics in your region shapes many of the things. If they want a particular hero to be remembered, they will do everything to make sure that happens. Also they can paint a negative image of someone and then history will remember them poorly. It happens all the time and everywhere.

People are selfish and they can go to any lengths to make them feel good about themselves. Also pushing the narrative in certain direction is easy when you can use history and emotions to manipulate people.

Therefore in different eras, the perception of the same heroes are different. And it stays for a long period of time.

Society And It’s Philosophy

The overall philosophy of the society is an important factor to influence which legends will surface. If the leaning is towards capitalism then entrepreneurs will be worshipped. But if the leaning is towards communism then revolutionaries will be revered as great.

The objective lens tells you that both of them were good and bad in their respects. But depending on the society you are living in, you will be swayed towards one over another.

Bad Words

If someone wants to tell you about some legends then listen and verify and be open. Even if they aren’t your typical heroes which you have been taught.

But if someone comes to tell you about someone and forces you to believe negative about someone else then beware of them. They are the ones who loves to think their thinking is the best and everything else is just bad.

Run for your intellectual reasoning. Remember you are looking for a balanced opinion and viewpoint.