Keep Your Sanity In Horns

Traveling is a great thing. Because of the affordable flights and inclusion of tourism as a means to earn money, every country is looking to have more tourist.

Some monuments and amenities are built around the idea that tourist are going to visit.

India is home to many diversity – religious, cultural and geographical. And so foreigners are delighted to visit India – add to that India costs less and it becomes a heaven for them.

Alongside things to appreciate, there will be things to not like. And the most common thing among tourist is not liking horn culture in India.

The Difference In Culture

When someone visits your homeland, there is an expectance of difference in culture.

But continuous honking in India isn’t a culture thing. It is a modern problem. It has arisen because there is more vehicles than roads can handle.

As a result, the vehicles run close to each other which isn’t permitted in law.

So to avoid the constant fear of crashing, horns are used. In foreign land, vehicles are at some distance always. In India that isn’t the case most of the times.

So majority of the time honking is sorta needed. Which had transitioned into a habit which Indians do it all the time.

It’s Annoying

As a pedestrian, it is annoying to walk on footpaths. Because at peak times, there is a constant honking happening.

Few of the drivers would come on footpath and order to step aside so they can pass.

And it gets on your nerves. Do this often and you might go crazy.

So I have changed my route to avoid walking on peak hours. The constant honking isn’t something o want to tolerate.

The Other Side Of Problem

If you are the driver, most of the times you don’t need honking. If you stop using honking unnecessarily then it will have impact.

Encourage your friends – and soon the culture can be reversed to have a honking free or honking less culture. Which would help keeping the sanity.

Noise pollution wrecks people and when you honk next time – ask yourself is it really necessary or you are acting out or habit.

That’s it – end of rant. I hope you keep your sanity and do the needful so that my and many others sanity stays.