Just One Project Per Year

The new and better way of doing things is like a project. Not a task which you need to get done or a deadline you have to hit. Rather it is a vision which you need to make alive. And you make a project based around that and work accordingly.

For example, you might want to feed hungry people. So your project is to make something to enable the feeding of hungry people.

One way to do that is to become a middle woman who connects NGO who feeds homeless people with the party caterers who waste a ton of food. You have to meet a lot of people, convince them and make a system for checking and proper distribution of food.

There are two outcomes – at one end you will succeed and either you can replicate that over other cities or stop there. On the other end, you will fail but the experience of talking with people, understanding how NGO’s work will be a learning experience for you.

Two opposite outcomes. But because you are looking at it as a project with less money motivation, you win all the time.

Of course, you can earn money by doing so. But that is a secondary thing – the main focus is to bring the project alive.

Side Project

If you are able to do projects full time and earn enough money then you are lucky. And you should keep doing that.

But for the majority of the people who earn money from a day job, doing a side project is the thing. So yes, you need to do something with the time you have. Go and create something, make some vision alive or impact someone.

You don’t have to stress yourself with diving into too many things. You can start with 1 project per year.

Give your best and after 1 year, either fold it or scale it. But keep exploring the new things which you can do as a project.

Job Vs Project

A job can be a form of a project if you work in a studio. And the boss is enrolled to make a change. Also, there isn’t any bureaucracy involved.

But if you don’t have a job where you feel like fulfilled then you can do a side project for your creative expression. The ability to connect, make things and feel like you are something makes it all worth it.

And you if you want to go far then enroll others on your journey to contribute to your project.

Now go make something – a new approach, new insights and focus on the upliftment of human connection to benefit them in the long run.