Jesus Isn’t Real

At the bar, your friend was drunk. You tried to make her drink less but whatever you did, she ended up rejecting and gulping another round of beers and more.

You book an Uber and take her home. She isn’t in her senses – but you could hear some mumbled words.

Jesus…Jeee.. Jesus isn’t REAL. She blurted these words out of nowhere.

The God

Jesus is famous for taking all your sins and making you realise your mistakes and forgiving you. Sometimes you wish he was for real – as in flesh and blood – so you could take all your sins and dump onto him. It’s not like he is going to complain.

Sure Jesus is famous for turning water into wine but why would someone drowning in wine call out Jesus and that too a liar. Seems like a stretch.

But then you think about all the things Jesus has done. It seems all too convenient to do things when technology wasn’t advanced and suddenly now his magic doesn’t happen anymore. And yes, there is judgement day which comes and yet never comes.

Sometimes you wonder whether he can listen to the doubts in your mind. But wait a second, if there is a doubt then it probably has to be a creation of the God. But that doesn’t make sense. Unless there isn’t any Jesus.

The Smiling Beauty

But all of these are the tangents you have been thinking about. Your friend who blurted those dreadful words is now sober. And cheerful, she seems like having the best life:

No wonder she doesn’t care about the wrath of the God. She can say anything because she is strong, carefree and in the best mode possible. Everyone around is trying to get into her state because that’s the highest.

She does everything right, forgives and keeps no memory of the wrong. She is like a female Jesus except she walks, drinks and actually affects people by being with them in flesh. That’s powerful until you realise she isn’t that happy…

The Mirror

Just to make fun of her last encounter with Jesus, you remind her of the last night. Since you asked this in private, a tear rolled down her eyes. And you were shook.

Is there a dust flying into her eyes, is she embarrassed or plain crying..?

What’s going on and the more you think, the more you get confused. So you blurt our your questions. And she breaks.

She tells you about all the problems she is facing and how she can’t keep up and why her life is a hell. And she goes drinking to forget about all the problems for a while. And yes she is catholic – she prays a lot and now that she is in deep pain, she needs Jesus more than ever. But like every time, he doesn’t come. Of course she said – Jesus isn’t REAL.

All the positive vibe she was sharing was a lie. And there you understood – the people are an amazing creature. They hide their problems and boast their upsides.

Maybe that’s the part of the problem too. Also, there is a pressure to be happy in the society – what if you answered to yourself, family and friends.

At this point, you don’t know whether Jesus is real or not. But if there is a problem, then only you can deal with it. You have to become your own saviour. And keep pushing – that’s the best strategy.