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It's Okay

I don’t know where is the path. The lights are dark and sun is cold. Sometimes I die waking up, other times – I rise above when the whole world is falling.

And it is okay.

You aren’t here with a definite path to follow and become some kind of good human being. There are multiple options – decisions to be made, impact to be done and connections to thrive. All of which takes time. Slow and steady, you rise above all the odds. And then there is a wall – you bow down and accept the defeat.

For time being…

Because it isn’t the intermediate failure which you are concerned about. You are looking at the big picture. Which enlightens your day, asks you for more input than you can give. A process which demands you to stretch till you reach newer heights. And all of this happens in quick succession. At least you think so. But there is no failure – because there isn’t any. You don’t see the world as a game where you have certain failures. But rather a place where you step down to level up with more intensity. All of that pressure is necessary for the internal energy to release. And then it falls in their respective place.

Even if it doesn’t fall in their happy-go-lucky places, it is okay.

You aren’t here guaranteed to make new waves, become the next superhero or the leader world needs. But there is nothing stopping you from trying. And that’s what you should – try. And if you fail then try harder. Until you decide to quit and move on to the next project.

After all, there is a finite space and time for your energy. Choose what you like and spend time on it to make something you would be proud of.

Regardless, it’s okay.

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