It’s Called Gambling

Money is hard to earn and easy to spend. So you take care to invest your money in such a way that it pays off for you.

But sometimes, you put your money in some trending things, your friends business or day trading. And when you lose money – which happens most of the time, you get sad.

The feeling of loss is greater than the same amount of money gained. But when you gamble, you are more likely to lose than win.

If you need to understand what gambling is then see the returns – if the return on investment is too high for it be real then either it is a scam in which you lose all the money always or it is a gamble where you lose money most of the times.

The smart way to go about your money is to have some savings for present, investment for future and then if you have spare money then try gambling.

Sure, go ahead and find your friends passion project, buy stakes in new companies or do day trading. Nothing harm in them because you have secured yourself if worst thing happens.

Also don’t be sad if you lose all the money which you invested, it’s called gambling for that reason.