It’s Atmosphere Cancer – Breathe

Every day you breathe in air so that you keep on existing, have you ever wondered about the air you breathe in.

Air Composition

Air is invisible if you are lucky. There is about 78 percent of Nitrogen, which is a boring gas for you because it doesn’t do much for you directly. And about 21 percent of the air is oxygen, which is essential for you.

About 1 percent of air is Argon, also a boring gas. And ignoring water vapor there is carbon dioxide which in the news like forever comprises of 0.03 percent.

That seems almost negligible. But that much carbon dioxide is enough to change the dynamic of the environment.

The Cycle

Other planets get warm and cold because there is no atmosphere over there. Earth has it, which makes sure there is a comfortable amount of temperature for the organism to live.

Plants take in carbon dioxide, use energy from the sun, and do photosynthesis and thus making fruits and other things and releases oxygen. You breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide.

All of this is easily measured and hence not in dispute.

The Greenhouse Effect

That little carbon percentage makes a barrier not to allow heat to escape.

For a million years, plants used to do their cycle and eventually die. And some would de compost and grow again, and some would become fossil fuels. Thus the carbon they had has been trapped in the form of oil.

Because of the industrial revolution, fossil fuels combustion started happening, and thus, there has been a tremendous increase in carbon dioxide due to the oxidation of carbon.

Adding to this the deforestation, there has been a ⅓ increase in the percentage of carbon dioxide.

The Report

All of the above things aren’t in dispute and are in agreement with everyone.

R P Jacobs and team made a report for Exxon mobile, mentioning that there will be huge repercussions in the human environment and have a significant social, economic, and political shift.

The Real Reason

Many of the top scientists analyzed all the information and the crisis that was supposed to come. But their bosses at many companies had different plans.

According to their study, it was found that the top 100 companies were responsible for more than 50 percent of the increase in carbon dioxide release.

But they didn’t want the companies to shift. Because many people were seeking profits of those companies and they will be not happy.

So leaders of these companies decided to make it a political issue. And soon it was given to the public. Thus this scientific issue was kept somewhere in behind.

And everyday people can’t anticipate how the future will be and thus can’t make a better decision for the future. Or at least understand the significance of the crisis.

The Short Term

Everyone is focused on the short term goal. Social media has added to this fuel.

Humans don’t understand most of the complicated things, and their instinct in political issue is to argue. Also, the poor people have least say in such a situation, who are probably the people going to be impacted the most.

What you end up with is a perfect storm (irony intended), Of science, culture, and industry making it very difficult to respond appropriately.

The important thing is to understand is that about 100 companies are responsible for about half the change which is happening. Hence a better technology innovation could dramatically change the carbon dioxide and also your quality of life.

For example, driving an electric car is futuristic because it is. But it is difficult to sell because the culture is to stay the same. Also, it is about dividing people into teams, and people at the top are controlling and profit from your argument.

One best example is breaking the news about things which is happening. It plays on your human tendency.

But it isn’t easy to make breaking news about a crisis in the future.

Let’s not focus on global warming. Let’s call it environmental cancer because that is a scientific name and there is no denying about that. Changing the narrative and pushing companies to take the best leap is the goal.

When right people come and says, follow me for a brighter future, if you can leave behind your innate desire to argue about it. Instead, focus on being people like us do things like this – being in sync of ‘this.’

Politicizing a crisis so that about 100 companies CEO can benefit – there is a better opportunity than that. To see, open doors to innovations to make things better all along.


  • Do you think about how we do small things is how we do big things?

Never just ship it. Rather merely ship it if you commit to ship on a certain deadline. That means your work will get better the more you ship it.

How long does it take to write a novel? Maybe nine months.

How long to type a novel? Maybe 4 days.

You are stuck in almost 9 and a half months, trying to figure out dead ends and exploring different narratives.

Erle Gardener wrote Perry Mason novel in 20 days. He dictated the novel to the secretary, and that is the final draft.

The point is that you can do your craft by merely shipping without a lot of wasted time. Whenever the deadline comes, you ship the best version at that time. Doing best work ain’t easy, but you have to put in the time.

So by merely shipping your work, you will know your craft and work and it will only keep on getting better with time.