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It’s A Journey

No matter what you intend to do, it’s the journey that matters. From the day you are born till the last walk you will take to the park.

Yes, the destination is awesome and reaching there is something you envision. But most of the times it is journey which makes you thrilled, joyous and worth it. The more roadblocks it has the more you seem to enjoy it.

It is like paradox but that’s the way it is. More pain equals more happiness.


Journey needn’t be some place you want to visit. It can be the status of something in your life. For example, having a good relationship, marrying the person you love and job which you aspire to.

All of these things require you to take journey which is filled with problems in every stage. Sometimes you need give in to the cruel world, other times you need to do the introspection necessary for change and the learning curve keeps on growing.

Ups and down – all comes and when you look back in retrospect the journey seems worth it if the destination is reached. Or something more valuable is obtained which you didn’t even envisioned.


If you live your life as a series of projects then you will be challenged in every aspect of life. And your journey will not cease.

When one chain of events, excitement wears off there is something more pressing which you need to take care – the next project.

And that’s it. Go make something of which you are proud of and start that journey

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