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It's A Constant Journey To Not Get Bored

Imagine a weekend when you get nothing to do – literally nothing. No meeting, hangouts, errands or work to catch up.

That is scary because you now have a day’s time to kill and you are wired to not get bored. You can’t sit at a place embracing the nature for 8 hours. Probably you will do that on challenge but not willingly.

So you switch on the Netflix, message bunch of friends and ultimately gossip with neighbors.

Some species have known to switch on the television and watch a show which they know is bad to get rid of time.

The Paradox

Ask anyone what is their hobby or passion and they will tell you their answer. And then ask them why they don’t pursue it – they will cite lack of time.

Well it ain’t exactly lack of time. Count how many hours you watch television, Netflix, surf cat videos on YouTube and gossip with neighbors and you will find you do many things just to pass time. Nothing bad in that but being aware of it is important.

It ain’t that time is an issue. Rather when you are bored the first instinct is to do the lazy thing. It is easy to switch on laptop and binge watch shows than do whatever it is your passion.

The Worst Boss

Ever wondered that you are productive in a 9 to 5 job. But when you are in weekend where the whole 8 hours of your work time is available for you, you end up not doing your passion project for even an hour,

When you are your own boss, it is often that you will give leeway and procrastinate. Also there is no punishment if you don’t follow through.

So, although many people would want to bring their passion project to life, they struggle. Now that you know why – I am believing you will work towards it and not let the time or no deadlines stumble you.

Next time when you are bored, go ahead and start working on your passion project to get rid of that boredom.

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