Is This Good Enough?

As you write often, there comes a dilemma. Should you write a headline which entices you to click on them.

One argument in favour of this is that by doing so at least, the writing will be read. And its purpose will be fulfilled. But then I need to rely on writing clickbait headings which will become the norm.

The alternative is to write as you please. And use the heading to give the gist as you see fit – not to manipulate. Slowly many people won’t click on the heading because it isn’t clickbait. But those who do will have a better understanding of the content. And I can resort to writing as I please.

Seeing the larger purpose, I don’t see much merit in drawing in people by clickbait articles. Instead, I will stick with headings as I please.

This makes me less stressed. And gives you a clear picture of what kind of writing you can expect.

What do you think?