This Is Internet

Over the past quarter-century, Seth Godin has taught and inspired millions of entrepreneurs, marketers, leaders and fans from all walks of life, via his blog, online courses, lectures and bestselling books. He is the inventor of countless ideas and phrases that have made their way into mainstream business language, from Permission Marketing to Purple Cow to Tribes to the Dip.

And I am his fan. The biggest. This book is my tribute to him. When I first saw the book, 'This is Marketing' - I was thrilled. And I wanted to write a book which I can write a bold title about. And there I am with my book - 'This Is Internet'.

Whatever you do now is on the internet. And the future is geared by the internet. So you will need a guide, a handbook, compass to help you. Not to tell you the right path. But to tell you all about it. So you can choose for yourself.

This is my gift to Seth Godin and you.