Internet is a Land of Opportunity

Internet is a Land of Opportunity
Photo by Ant Rozetsky / Unsplash

The more you spend on the Internet, the more you will find opportunities. Think of it as the real world - there are many connections available. But with the Internet, it's global. You can connect with anyone, and therefore there is no geographical barrier. But how do you capture those opportunities? It might seem like an uphill battle, and it is. But the bright side is there are tonnes of learning opportunities for you. The expectation is high because you are competing in a global market.

So it might happen a lot that when you apply with all your grit, talent and focus, you may be left behind. But there is a way to go about this. The first option is to go solo. But it's the hardest route. The Internet allows you to create your own path, find clients, get paid, or create meaning beyond imagination. However, it might take a long time, and the failure rate is high. Regardless, you should go about this journey.

However, you should try to get your foot in the door too. Apply for an intern, part-time or apprentice program with people or companies you love on the Internet. This way, you will get to work on important projects and learn on the job. And when the internship is over, make sure to equip yourself with all the learnings and deliver all you can - this will create an opportunity for you to stay longer, become a permanent member and carve a path.

None of this is easy; it will be testing at every moment. But the upside is huge too. You will get paid in huge dollars, get recognition, and your work will touch many lives.

You can test yourself in many different ways. One way is to participate in an internet competition. This way, your work is guaranteed to get some eyeballs. And if you nail it, then it opens up many other opportunities. For example, instead of uploading on your YouTube channel with zero subscribers, do the same but intend to participate in a competition themed around your topic. The fellow competitors will check out your video, the sponsor will check it out, and a big YouTuber organising the event will check it out too. All this means your video will get the precious eyeballs of humans interested in the topic you are making a video on. And when you make an awesome video, you might not end up winning, but you might have a few hundred subscribers. And your journey begins. Keep at it, and you will go far.

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