The Boom On Internet And How You Should Approach Your Writing?

The Boom On Internet And How You Should Approach Your Writing?

Internet is relatively new. When the smartphone market exploded, it brought with it a new dimension. Combined with high-speed internet and easy access, you could do things on your small screen - which would otherwise require a plethora of other apps, hardware or investment.

Take a calculator, for example - you could do many scientific calculations on your smartphone, often without the internet. And it’s just a start to what a marvel technology has been. Doesn’t matter what you want, there is an answer on the internet. Why? Because suddenly, 7 billion minds are connected to help you in any way possible.

The origin of the internet was simple - two computers should be able to talk with each other. And now, it has grown into a mammoth of information storage. All of humanity’s knowledge is stored in a giant warehouse and every computer can access it whenever they like. Consider, Wikipedia - it is essentially the collection of all human intelligence in one place. And for it to be made, you don’t have to be genius. You just have to contribute a few things you can help in. When all of us help, it becomes a giant shared knowledge. This is real-world magic.

Writing Books

Before computers, books were often written by hand or a typewriter. And that used to be the norm. But now, there are sleek laptops. And many variations of keyboards available. Combine this with the instant grammar check and flow validity, it feels like you are working with your first editor simultaneously.

Of course, for many writers - where to write is a preference. But writing online seems the most logical way. Your work is automatically saved on the cloud, basic grammar edits are done on the fly. And sharing your work for feedback is easy.

Ultimately your work has to be online. Because now, most of the work is done via computers. So it’s better to write it online from the first day itself. And there are many benefits to writing online. You can write in groups - sharing your progress and getting feedback along the way.

The friction is less and doing all the juggling to collaborate is a simple feature available in many tools as a free option. So much of the premium features back in the day is now a standard free feature on many websites and tools - it’s like a hack. For example, you get basic grammar edits for free in the Grammarly app. Google docs have the best collaborators feature for free. You don’t have to buy their premium apps. The best experience of writing is online and so are the benefits.

Extension Of Your Brain

Memorizing was a skill. If you can remember lots of things then you were a genius. But now, thanks to the internet and easy access, you don’t have to remember a lot of things.