In Your Head

Whatever happens defines how you behave, feel and do things.

Because in the end, it’s all your interpretations. The story which you tell becomes memories and that’s how you can either help yourself or trap.

You are sometimes prisoner of your endless imagination and fantastic memory.

Change Story

If a memory is hurting you or a story isn’t helping you share how you are now, then change it.

Of course, you can’t change what happened. But your memory is just what you recollect from a certain perspective.

For example, the day when you first learnt swimming. There can be various aspects of that journey – failure, pain and embarrassment. If these didn’t help you then only share the story where you win in the end – learnt swimming.

And also you don’t have to recall everything or share everything. If you have a bad memory, then let it die in vain. You can cherish only those moments and stories which helps you.

Keep It Awesome

As they say, your body is your temple – keep it clean by being fit and eating clean. It is necessary to take care of your mind.

Your thoughts and how you are things because your world is literally how you see things in your mind.

Change them and you change your world. You decide how things should be – and then choose awesomeness.