In The Morning And In The Night

Is there something you do that makes you feel whole, better…

Mornings are the best because the moment you wake up – you have a choice. Whatever you do sets the tone for the day.

Do something amazing every morning like running, meditation or a chat with mom. When you smile, be happy and get energised – the energy follows through the day.

The Night Is Better

Before sleeping, you can recall all the things that made the day awesome. And you will have good emotions flowing. You can plan for the next day.

Not the whole day – just few things which you need to get done.

And then the next morning, you do them asap. It’s like a cycle. Feeding into each other and making you feel amazing.


Doing nothing is a choice and so is saying yes to everything.

Whatever you choose, the outcomes gets played. Either in your favour or otherwise. But choose them.

Every day and at night – you have a choice to set your mood, forgive, remember memories, dream, take one step, watch tv or do nothing.

Each of those choice is okay as long as you make them being aware.

Remember you can do more, push more and remain happy or calm throughout the day and nights. But first you decide…