If You Are Art Isn’t Viewed The Way You Like

Passion can change. Jobs can be compromising. Responsibilities can take a toll. But among all theses – your desire to make something can flourish.

It requires you to take a leap and sacrifice something. Because time is limited and money is important. Let’s find out how you can go about making art which matters to you.

Making Art

As you grow up and learn more things, your passion might change. Or it might evolve to do gigantic things.

Most of the times the idea is spread that you should do more than traditional workers. But that’s not the accurate thing. Maybe for somebody, working as an accountant gives them happiness. And they don’t crave to do anything else. More power to them.

But for the rest who want to do something creative, make change happen or level up the culture – you should do art.

Not something you do by leaving your traditional job. Do that because it will provide you the financial cushion and follow your passion to make something on the weekends.

Start making art – be it painting, dancing, writing or starting to company to make new product or service.

No Response

Some people say that artists true income is the applause, praises and the standing ovation.

And so if you make art and no one shows up to appreciate, it would feel saddening. This could happen for 2 reasons – one of your artwork is bad and it needs improvement. Or you are not sharing with the ideal customers. A person who doesn’t understand dance can’t appreciate it if you share your dance with them. They are simply not interested.

Identifying the reasons is the hard work you need to do. Because once you know the reason, you can decide to deal with them.

Not knowing them can make you feel incompetent which might not be the case. So go out – ask and experiment with whom you share your art.

Keep Doing Art

The basic motive of your art should be that – it allows you to keep making new art. For example, if you are making painting and it costs you $100 to make one then you need to sell it for at least $100 – so every day you can make 1 more painting.

Or it might not cost you anything rather than your time. That way you can keep making your art each day.

And that’s the goal of being happy that you can make your art, improving on the go and making change happen.

Do You Want Money

But if your goal is to make money then you can’t let yourself be happy on the weekends. You need to make something the market wants. And as such, you need to test, survey and maybe tweak how you make things so that the audience can appreciate and pay.

No one way is the right answer. It depends on what you want. If you want to keep creating art and don’t mind money then do it on weekends and just make barely enough.

That way you need to keep your traditional job. On the other hand, you work harder and scale your art.

So that one day you can quit your job and make a full-time income with your art. That’s a dream – which one do you want?

Either way, start making something on the weekend – what’s there to lose. Keep making something.