If It Doesn’t Help Then Change

If the way you behave with your love partner doesn’t help, change. See how you can be a better partner and do it.

Your business is only alive till cash flows. If more customers are returning products – stop and ask for feedback. Change, if needed.

Whatever happened in the past is over. You can let it ruin the present. Or take charge of your story and change it to help you.

If your education is getting in way of Yo career change, stop mentioning it. Get out of your own way.

Things go bad. They always do. And there is failure or the constant hurdle which somehow comes. Life isn’t easy and you are trying hard.

But that doesn’t guarantee anything. And that’s a great thing because life is unpredictable.

The real thrill in life comes from you trying a bunch of things. Not knowing which will work. And getting surprised when some things work.

But often you get paralysed because of the stories which you have in your mind. And the failure story let’s you think too much and end up playing it safe.

There is a better way – and you can change how you see, think and do. You are responsible for your happiness.

If things aren’t working then change it – don’t let the sink cost let you keep at it.