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I Want You To Kill

In the darkness, there is a hope of light. When you fail consistently, chances of you succeeding still exist. And when the whole world seems against you, someone still might change their perspective to support you.

The world is a cruel place. And most humans are hostile. But it shouldn’t stop you from doing good, being the real you and doing stuff that matters.

Because it is you who decides to go on a journey which will inspire others. When this happens, there will be more people joining you in the journey. The cycle will keep on continuing. You keep on giving and giving to the community. Then few people from the community will stand up to give back.

Let me explain it to you…

Kill the bad ideas, thought process and impression. When someone comes late to a party – what is the first thought that passes through your mind. You judge that the person is lazy, doesn’t care or she came late intentionally.

You are wired to think in a negative manner. But it can be changed. You need to kill the mindset – slowly one day at a time.

Keep calm when things go south. Always come up with a positive outlook and ask neutral questions. The idea is not put a person in stressful situation. Rather it is to keep an optimistic view and let the realism hit you slowly. Be open to any idea or weird reasons.

Good ideas won’t come to you until you think of all the bad ideas and kill them first. Once you get the ideas worth pursuing – failure is a harsh truth. But accelerate regardless. Because success is too an inspiring truth. You can’t fail all the time when you have the good idea, put in the work and take help along the way.

The length of the success might differ from your expectation. But it will surprise you how many things you will learn in the journey.

So, take that approach and become the better person who knows more, plays with risk and takes the passion to another level. You know why – because I believe in you. More power to you.

See you along the journey where the competition isn’t with the world and the reward isn’t comparative. Rather success lies in collaboration, sharing and generosity.

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