I Don't Use Facebook And It's Fine

Social media is addictive. When you log in the Facebook, you are bombarded by many things. Like notifications, invites and status symbols. 

When you see them, you want more. You do things in different ways to interact and get that social currency. For example, you upload photos to get likes. You don’t share it with intention to share. You are craving that social notification. 

And when you don’t get them, you feel sad. It has become so intrinsic of your lives that you can’t live without them. 

Everyone has their favourite social media. But the top 3 are Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Facebook owns all 3. So you are using Facebook. 

When I was young, I got attracted to social media apps. My first login was at Orkut. And it was like Facebook but more popular. 

To cut long story short, Orkut failed in the long-term. And Facebook became the one app almost everyone uses. 

I stopped using Facebook for about 5 years now. And my life doesn’t seem to get affected much. When I used Facebook, I had 100s of friends. And now, I have 10. But those 10 used to stick by me. The rest cared for me only on the app. 

And if this helps you then fine. But I want relationships in flesh and blood. Caring only on social media isn’t something for me. Unless I am doing it on blog like this. 

I used Facebook connecting with friends. And it didn’t help me with that purpose. 

That’s why I am open to use Facebook for business purpose. It is a great to reach any number of people. But remember, Facebook earns by tricking you into believing that they care about you. They don’t. You can check this by opening Facebook and checking notifications. 

Even when you don’t have any notifications, they will show it red. So you click on it. And thus, your brain gets triggered. And you get addicted. 

So what is the solution? 

Should you stop using Facebook like I did. And become happy. HELL NO. 

Instead, you should understand Facebook for what it is. And if you end up using Facebook for 10 hours – it should be because you want it that way. It should be your top 3 priority. 

The first thing is to become self aware on how Facebook uses social currency to trick you to spend more time on it. And those time are spent on stupid things. Which isn’t what Facebook was made for. Nor is it something what they promised. 

And if using Facebook is coming between what you actually want then reconsider. 

How much do you want to spend on Facebook. Should you even use it. What is your time worth? 

There is movie star Alia Bhatt who is on every social media and she is amazing, successful and gets work. Another movie star Ranbir Kapoor who isn’t on any social media and he is amazing, successful and gets work. 

Do what works for you. But first, be self aware about yourself and things you use on daily basis. Especially social media.