How You Treat People Will Translate To How People Remember You

The moment you enter the party everyone looks at you. Not because you are a celebrity or someone of high importance but because they want to feel good about themselves. Everyone is busy in telling stories in which they want to win.

In a party the game is to look best and have more connections than other. Whatever happens, everyone goes home feeling they are the winner.

If you happen to have more connection then someone will say you cheated your way and then feel good about herself. If you got a best suit to flaunt then they will say you are a show off and go home feeling good about themselves.

This is a unique game in which people love to see everything and everyone with a different perspective.

Funny thing happens when the same people argue next day on silly things because their point of view doesn’t align.

Human Interaction

The basic of being a human is that you have a higher level of understanding and can show empathy to others.

And that results in conversations which inspire to do more or hurt which breaks you down. All those little conversations piles up and then there comes the payback. Not as a revenge but as a means to feel good about yourself.

So don’t get surprised when people change behavior after some time. It is a reflection on how you treat them.

For example, if a friend of yours shares with you their secret and you laugh at them then they won’t share any more secret with you. Or if someone asks for your help and you give the help but remind them then they will never ask for help again.

And they might stop giving you help either. Because it reflects on how you treat them and how they see you differently now.

You can use this to your advantage by being caring, empathetic and your true self. So people who stick with you are the ones who are there because of your real qualities and not some fake qualities.

So go ahead and smile, take care and be the real you. And over time you will attract people with similar values depending on your attitude.


There is always a spectrum. When you let yourself get used by other people then more of such people will show up. For example, if you always give your vehicle to someone who has no valid reasons and is just misusing you then she will come again often.

Also she might try their hand on other things to take advantage of you. So the ability to talk, showcase care, empathy, being generous and being the true self can help or destroy you.

Try to learn about people and how they respond, whom you want and whom you don’t. And then act accordingly – they will do the rest.

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