How You Can Live A Meaningful, Happy And Satisfied Life

Nature is cruel. The strongest wins and the genes are transferred. Pretty much everything in nature is controlled. The total number of population is always kept in check. No one species ever dominates.

For every species which seems at the top, either they are less in numbers. Or their exists someone who can wipe them out. Hence, there is a balance always which is maintained.

Naturally, humans are no different. And since you have developed beyond the food cycle, the population have exploded.

Nature didn’t want one species to grow this much and take control over everything. Almost all other species have to hunt, reproduce and safeguard themselves. And the danger exists every day. Over the years of human civilization, the food cycle doesn’t exist in its original form.

You don’t have to hunt for food. You use physical or mental labour to get money which gets you food. And the essential requirement is fulfilled pretty quickly.

Hence, you have a lot of time on your hand. So you need to get creative to pass the time. The meaning of life is a new concept. Since you have broken the cycle, you have the luxury to decide what to do. So, you search for some more profound meaning and the progress happened as you see it today.

What Is Meaning

The debate on the philosophy of life has been going on for years. But if you want to find the meaning of life — you have to look within.

Since, most of your life you won’t be living every moment for food, you would have the luxury to do something else. Even if you are working 10 hours every day for 6 days, you would have 1 day to explore anything you like.

The best approach to finding meaning is to do something because you love it. And find a way to impact at least one person.

For example, you may like playing football. Go and learn about it, play and become better. And then you can join as a coach for a kids football team or volunteer at an NGO to bring a smile to a kid. Or you can share your learning’s with others.

If you have money to buy something — it gives more happiness when you buy something for others. The ability to do something for others is the most generous and meaningful thing you can do.

Happiness Demands Sadness

One of the things, you chase in your life is happiness. But how you define happiness can affect how you live happily. The very idea of being happy means you can be sad too. Hence, you need to embrace that too.

Remember, if you chase your happiness in something you can, then you will be sad once it has gone. Or if you pursue happiness in external things, then you are bound to be controlled by others. Because you are chasing happiness somewhere else outside of your control.

Another perspective is to look for happiness within yourself. Being happy is a choice.

You can lose the battle and still be happy with what you have. Or you can win the battle and always be sad because you didn’t win a specific way. Either way, you are choosing what will be your state of mind.

But there is a question which often comes up. How will you improve yourself, how you will strive for becoming better. Because if you are happy, then you won’t chase things which might improve your lifestyle.

But what if you can be happy at whatever your current situation is. And as Seth Godin puts it — be hungry for the thrill of creating art. Be happy, regardless. This is the best way you can be happy.

Remember, if you are sad most of the times. Even when you will be rich, you will be sad most of the times. Money only solves your money problems. Your outlook and reaction will mostly remain the same. So work on them and focus on being happy — it’s your choice, so choose to be.

Take That Break

If you are sprinting all the time, then you will get exhausted. And it would be difficult to appreciate how much distance you have covered.

One of the things which people like to say is this — keep pushing ahead because you can achieve so more. Don’t be content just now, look ahead for greater happiness.

And this can work well if you want to achieve more and more in your life. But what is your end goal?

Is it to be happy..?

You can be happy now. You have worked hard for what you have. Take the break to appreciate what you have now.

For example, if you want to become the manager in your firm and you achieve it — then don’t rush to make another aim to achieve more significant.

Instead, take a break. Enjoy the process, fruits of your labour. You deserve this.

And then once you are there for a reasonable amount of time — you can sprint again to achieve something else.

But remember, at whatever stage — being satisfied and happy is nothing to do regarding what you can achieve. You can be happy and satisfied and still looking for more because you are hungry for the thrill.

Life is a journey — be happy because you can be, enjoy your success and don’t rush it. You have all that you desire within you — choose it for yourself.