How To Write A Book, Grieve For Someone You Lost & Find Happiness

How To Write A Book, Grieve For Someone You Lost & Find Happiness

Writing a book is a tremendous effort. For your written words to be a book, it should have enough words, something which sparks and a cover.

Also, someone to publish your writing. Let’s learn how to do exactly that.

First and foremost, you have a book within you. Everyone does. A big idea, an unique life experience or a compilation of hacks you learnt. Often it is easy to spot such things among your friends.

When I see my friends Instagram account, I can gauge she has a knack for writing witty captions.

She can definitely write a book on how to write witty content or simply a compilation of her captions with photos. It’s worth the money.

Ask Your Friends

Hence, go and ask your friends on what you do best. Ask a bunch of close friends or family members. And among the answers, you can find what you have to offer.

A sample email could be, ‘If you have to list only the top 3 skills of mine, what would it be?’

I asked the same and they replied – 

  • Exploring for adventures
  • Keen observer’
  • able to live in any situation.
  • ready to do anything for your loved ones.

Another way can be to ask for strengths and weakness. I did the same. And I got below answers.

“Your Strength: First, your incomplete dreams and the struggle you have noticed for a single penny.

Second, the confidence and jolly nature, your positive attitude and your observation skills.

Your weakness: Ignoring your priorities, wasting money”

As you can see you either have a story from your life experience or you can give fresh insights because you have the skills to do so.


There might be many hurdles on your way. And life is a great leveller and teacher. What if you lose someone you love, how to proceed on life.

Writing a book requires patience, dedication and consistency. However, your life is filled with a rollercoaster. And nothing can be predicted. And you should be glad because if it can be predicted, then there is no fun in life.

Whatever you are trying to achieve in one year can be derailed when you are bombarded with problems. It can be the loss of a job, break up or death of someone you love.

First, you need to grieve, it’s okay to grieve. And then cry, if you want. Happiness is truth in life and so is sadness. However, remember that you don’t laugh for too long on the same joke. Similarly, don’t cry too much over one issue. Cry hard, let it out.

Occasional sadness is fine. But the best way to deal with the pain and help yourself is to get back into doing what you were doing before.

Do your project – if it’s writing a book. Then resume that. Even if you write 100 words that’s fine. Because that is 100 words closer to your journey.

Life happens, things go wrong and you should feel that too. But get back up. That’s your only option.

The Steps To Write A Book Or Do Anything In Life

When you think of any project – make a song, make a podcast, write a book or do anything – it seems daunting, huge and difficult to reach.

And that’s because you are thinking about the end result. Don’t think. Work on step 1. In case of a book, write chapters heading – about 25 chapters.

For example, a book on love can have chapters like

  1. I saw her
  2. The first meet
  3. Falling in love
  4. Proposing
  5. clash/problems
  6. …..

And so on.

The thing is to try to get the barebones of your projects. So, you have a starting point. And then start writing the first chapter. Even if you write 500 words, you would end up writing a 10,000-word book. That’s a success.

The key is always consistency. You should wake up each day and a part of your project. Not because you are motivated, charged or anything.

You do it because it’s a promise you made. It’s like a deadline. No matter what, you write each day – a set of words or a chapter or half a chapter. Decide on day 1. And write every day.

Garbage Into Gold

It’s okay if your first draft of the book is bad, or the first song you composed isn’t a gold standard. The good thing is you set out to do a project and you did it. Despite the difficulties, despite the resistance of laziness and despite lots of entertainment distractions.

Now, go and edit the book by self or an editor or both. See if something good comes from it. Else, write a second draft or a second book. Or none, it’s okay.

But now, you know it’s okay to have a project which seems ambitious – because it can be done by being consistent. Editors, collaborators and critics who help elevate your projects help you turn your garbage into gold.

And now, you realize no one is willing to publish your book. They say – build a following, only then. But if you have a following, you don’t need a publisher.

Somehow, you self-publish your work, in this case, a book. And a few copies get sold. And you seem disappointed. It took a year’s work to see no result, you become sad.

Happiness Is A Choice

And amidst all of this, you are supposed to find happiness. Is it possible? How to approach your inner journey to a healthier life – let’s dissect.

It’s okay to not have a dream or passion in your life. Because that’s a modern life construct. But when you live your life as a series of projects, it ignites your mind, bend the culture and helps you seek a thrill.

And when you see life as a means to get work done, your approach to life changes. You do more, see differently and make things happen.

It’s okay if something doesn’t work, especially when it’s a creative outlet. The journey itself is the reward.

By writing the book, you had to clear your thoughts, collect perspectives and understand deeper to write simpler.

If you sell 1000 copies that’s a bonus – often fulfilled by luck, marketing or you building a following.

It’s okay. The end result shouldn’t demotivate you. Because the whole thrill was in the process, you became a better person. And even if one person got impacted, that’s okay.

And on happiness – it’s your choice. If you want to be happy by achieving something, then you are postponing so many moments to be happy at some later date, which might not come.

Instead, seek thrill and excitement when you achieve something and choose to be happy always or at least every other moment you get.

Life changes when you see it differently because mostly it’s in your mind, it’s your experience, it’s your story.