How To Treat Your Customers

It’s risky to build a business because living paycheck to paycheck is enticing. Every month the money gets credited into your account, and your monthly expenses are taken care of.

Of course, you need to work hard for that money. But mostly you are doing a set of job expectation. You are not leading, making a change, and building up clients. Your role in the job environment is limited, and that’s why the remuneration is less compared with business owners.

Business owners have the responsibility to make sure the money keeps rolling in every month. This enables all the employees to get paid on time.

If something goes wrong in the market, you need to figure out how to make changes so that your business doesn’t go completely shut.

The crux is getting up, running, and sustaining a business is hard. The most essential element in any business is customers – all the other things revolve around them. The aesthetics, experience, and vibe are maintained so that customers stay around. Recurring customers are the backbone of any business space.

Let’s dive in how your attitude decides customer and how you can use this knowledge to serve better.

Your Attitude

Consider that you are a barber who talks with his customers. And those talks are of news, sometimes due to curiosity but mostly stories which you want to share.

And if you do this with every customer you get, slowly you will have a base of people coming in who like this talkative behavior.

On the flip side, if you don’t interrupt and not make the people awkward while you do your job, then introvert people will stick by with your services. Hence, it is evident how you treat your customers will spread, and similar traits people will show up to experience your service.

Remember, in both the cases – you are a good barber, which is given. You need to be exceptional in your services – we are discussing how you can cater to the audience.


Now that you know your attitude will attract a specific type of people, you can use this to maximize the people whom you want to serve.

Doesn’t matter what type of people comes into your shop, you read them and treat them accordingly. If you do that, then both the talkative and introvert people will show up. Also, you can maintain your standard by not allowing customers who are rude, immoral or cruel.

Either way, you need to choose your customers and then work with them as an individual to serve them their needs – over and above for what they have come for.

Of course, they need their hair trimmed, but they also want to be treated with respect, want an experience, and not be made to feel small.

Take care of these things, and you will excel in your business – one customer at a time, like most things in life