How To Survive On The internet

How To Survive On The internet

Internet is the next big thing. Sure, it has been more than 20 years since the dot com bubble, but still, the internet is new.

Crypto is saying hi and probably will shift how things are done. But as of now, it's still side by side.

Internet is the home of all the knowledge, network and billion-dollar companies. With the internet, you can make an app. Leverage capital or network effect and boom, you have a billion-dollar company. Some of the famous examples: WhatsApp, Pokemon Go and Stripe.

You don't win on the internet because you are the best or you provide all the things that are needed. Because on the internet, you have a group of the community from all over the world. And you are targeting a specific group. Sometimes, it might happen that you attract all like YouTube, WhatsApp and Search - but that's because that's a commodity.

If you want a shot - make something different for different communities. For example, Private WhatsApp = Signal, Video for gamers = Twitch, and so on.

Below I have outlined all the things you can leverage to survive and thrive on the internet. Success isn't guaranteed because luck plays a role too. But you will see the needle moving with one or all of the strategies.


Money is the easiest leverage. With all the right pieces, you move ahead instantly with money. For example, you are a ketchup company and want to sell. Go and buy a TV slot. Invest a lot of money upfront. And boom, your brand name will be everywhere.

You won't know how many people have seen and been influenced. But if the sales keep increasing - you can keep doing ads.

Offline most of the ads are like that. However, brands try to measure by using coupon codes and seeing how much of it is used.

This is assuming you are making good ketchup. Because ketchup is a commodity, your product needs to be good enough.

You can do the same thing on the internet but better. On the internet, you can find communities for most niches you are in. For example, if you are selling vegan sandwiches - you can find a community online. So, you don't have to advertise to non-relevant people or a big group. You advertise to those who would be interested. And now, on the internet, you can measure everything. Which means you can tweak and lose money to learn. And have sustainable ads lead. Or hire someone to do your ads and boom - you are successful instantly.

  1. Make a product or service - be specific.
  2. Find your audience - where they hang out.
  3. Use the money to reach out effectively - like Facebook, podcasts, blogs or chat rooms.


SEO is often called the free alternative to money. But it ain't. You have to buy an old domain name. Invest in the backlinks. And then hire a content team to keep producing content. And all of this depends on what you are optimizing for. If it's Google, the algorithms could change. And all your energy could go down on drain.

But if you are low on money or you are one person army - SEO is often your best bet. It helps to have content on your website to help your customers. Which also brings in new customers.

Again, if you have money- you can accelerate SEO by buying many things. Else, you need to earn everything. And it will take a long time.

But once SEO works, it keeps on rewarding you for little maintenance. So, if done right - you can get exponential returns.


It works better for you if you join or become an associate with a community online. Because it will help you connect with other like-minded people and grow together.

For example, you can join a writing community and help others and get some help in return. And there is community for everything on the Internet. Reddit, the front page of the internet is the famous social media where you can find communities for almost anything. And if there ain't, you can make one to see if others would be interested to join.

A community becomes a place where you hang out-share and connect with others. Eventually, you gain trust - so if you have something to sell, your community will support you.

And that's the initially push your require. As an example, if you want to sell a t-shirt with your custom drawing. Join a drawing community where other people are there. Share, comment and connect. And maybe after 1 year - you can ask each one individually to share your t-shirt. They will buy and share. Rest, depends on your quality of product or service and how viral capability it has. Also, the upper cap in audience.

You help others, they help you and everyone one of us gets what they need. But you need to put in the work - often a lot over years to get the trust and return. Nothing is guaranteed, so you do other things too to get notices on the internet.

Get Curated

Curation is the future of the internet. Because there are so many blogs, companies and you feel lost in the sea of the internet. Sure, there are many customers who will find you via the vastness of the internet. But there is a better way.

Find ways to get in collections curated by people with influence. For example, being on the list of books read by Bill Gates will ensure your all stock is sold within a day.

You can hope to get curated. Or actually, work on it. Find people, connect - give free copies and let start small.

Once you are on the radar, it will go further if your product or service is amazing, unique or bold.

That's it - to win on the internet, you have to play by internet rules. So go ahead and make something. And get whatever you want from your life.