How To Stay Fit All The Time

New Year resolutions don’t work. If you wait to do something at a specific date, then you are looking for excuses. So when that date comes, you will make another one.

It’s not that some things are hard or easy that makes you not do them, it’s the willingness and persistence.

So if you are willing to lose fat, then you run on that treadmill, go on a diet, but then the results take time. And you become impatient. Hence, you stop doing that and slowly get back to the regular routine.

There are many different approaches to stay fit. And all of them works if you follow them as per your body requirement. But you don’t have to sweat about all different techniques. If you want to stay fit, it all boils down to a simple act of discipline.

Eat enough for your body – a balanced diet. If you want faster results, then a balanced but calorie deficit diet. And then do enough exercise to burn even more calories. This will help you consume fewer calories, so no new fat will accumulate and exercise will help you get stronger and lose the existing fat.


When you are a kid, you feel that’s the best time of your life because you don’t have to worry about money. And you can play all day, and it is expected out of you.

Now that you are an adult, you feel stressed, get upset often, and need to hang out every weekend so that you can have some moments of happiness. Going to work doesn’t inspire you much.

Compare that with a kid who is looking forward to the school because there will be other kids and all of them would have fun.

As an adult, you are struggling to stay fit because you are doing most of the job sitting on a chair in front of the computer and the kids are healthy because they are running, playing and having a blast.

Of course, this isn’t the case with everyone because of genes and other things. But let’s focus on the majority, as kid chances are you were fit, and a big reason was that you were physically engaged.

You didn’t need exercise because you sweat more in playing and you were happy, less stress and engaged all day. Now, you are stressed half the time, and you don’t play, and neither do any exercise.

The Level Up Change

So if you are struggling to stay fit, then focus on being a kid, and you can achieve the right amount of fitness.

Go on and eat until your heart’s content. But then you need to block out at least 2 hours where you play hard. It can be cricket, badminton or running. Do it with friends like you did when you were a kid.

And slowly you will play harder, sweat more and be fit. Having something where you enjoy sports makes you see it as a fun activity rather than a gym activity. Also, most games work on your full body, so you get the most benefit from this exercise.

Who would have thought – being a kid was the key to staying fit all the time. Now go and play hard.