How To Socialize The Easy Way?

If you find yourself lonely – as in fewer people to interact with. And you have a desire to have more people then there are some simple paths.

And all of them are available to you. Of course, there is no magic path. So all of them require you to take action. It’s going to be hard, and that’s the point. Take this as a challenge to your emotional barrier, and you will soon find success as you move along.


Parties are crazy, fresh, and funky. You go with the best pair of clothes which is shiny, trendy and inspiring. And you dance your heart out.

Of course, you don’t know how to dance, but it doesn’t matter. Everyone in a party is looking to get a bit drunk, groove to the song, and have a good time. No one is judging you on how you dance – as long as you move by the music you will be fine.

And there are parties on various occasions. Even if you are finding it difficult to interact, when you go often, you will open up.

Initially, you will be shy and sitting all by yourself thinking these entire people are out of their mind; then you will be entering into the mood. And finally, you will lose the inhibition and adapt to the crowd. That’s what you as a human is supposed to do – adapt to the bigger norms in the culture.

Get those icebreakers going in the conversation. Even if it’s bad, you tried, and you will get better next time.

There is always a party around the corner on the weekend and so is your opportunity to get to know someone.


If you live in a culture-savvy community, then there will be at least 12 festivals in a year. And that means 12 opportunities for you.

You don’t have to be super religious to attend any festival. You need to be empathetic, understanding, and having fun. People will connect, insist, and let you in when they discover you are enjoying the festival in its pure form.

As a result, you will meet people who are humble, arrogant, and somewhere in between. You need to keep moving ahead so that you find more people.

Your experience out of this process is simple – either you will come out of it having socialized with many humans, or you will have experienced a piece of their culture. In any way, it’s a win-win situation.

Go ahead and find that festival, learn more, join in, and follow the traditions. It’s so easy to bond when you show interest in other culture and history.

People will let you in with an open heart. But at the same time, take care not to hurt their sentiments and be righteous in your intentions.

College and Office Events

Often you meet most of your partners in college or in the office where you work. Thus I suggested parties and festivals as an extension to meet people.

But the common thing is college and job venues. So if you are in such an environment, explore the crowd. It’s alright if you don’t find success, most don’t. It’s okay if you feel shy and end up looking weird, no one will remember that anyway.

However, if you succeed and you will if you take your chances, then you will have many occasions of connecting with people.

And there are many options available for you – if you are new then hang around experience people listening to them and giving your opinions. Listening skill is appreciated in any scenario. Or you can hang out with other newbie’s, and since you share the common tension, you can connect on an emotional level faster.

Remember, that girl or guy sitting next to you is as nervous, chilling, and confused as you are. Speak up and say, ‘hi’ and see where it goes.

Do this often, and you are going to find someone – a few friends, colleagues and love relationships. This will happen all. Naturally, all you have to do is keep trying.

Only You

Remember, this is a problem you have, and only you have the power to eliminate it. The crux of the matter is this – the more people you meet, the more chances you will get to interact, and few of those encounters will end favorably for you.

The obvious trick is to find ways to reach more people, and thus, all the hacks are focused on that.

If you find an opportunity which will expose you to more people in a common setting like a seminar, graduation party and so on – join in because it will help you socialize further. Now go and make that connection happen.