How To See Better

Dance is an expression of your pain, desire, and hope just like every other art. If you are a writer, then you share your pain, perspective, and ideas with the words.

When you dance, the whole audience feels what you want to communicate; the emotions grow as you keep dancing, and then when you finish, the audience is left with a sense of wanting more.

Art makes you lose the environment for the moment – the idea is to leave all the attachments and focus on the art in front of you.

If you have witnessed dance competitions, then you know that it is a big scam because there is one winner. If you take auditions and end up with top 100 dancers, then they are the top 100. So, they all are winners. But this idea doesn’t make up for a great show. The result is that they are battled against each other. All of them are masters in the different dance forms, and still, they compete, and somehow there is elimination. This happens until the judges realize that they can’t go on with such brutality.

Then they introduce the audience voting system, which is largely based on the idea of the person. The consensus of the audience doesn’t know who the best dancer if any is. So whoever appeals to the majority is voted, and you get a winner at the end of it. One hundred winners get lost, and one is praised.

Your Favourite

As an audience, when you are watching the dance competition, you aren’t analyzing the moves or the intricate details. Even if you wanted to, you would fail because you aren’t a dance master.

Hence, you rely on other factors – which contestant appeals to your ethnicity, style, and make you go wow. For example, there can be two groups, one who does old school hip hop, which is difficult and another which does bad hip hop but does a flip. Most of the audience chooses the one with the flips because it is amazing to them.

But that’s the point of my favorite, there isn’t a rational logic behind that. So in any dance competition, you end up with someone whom you are rooting for winning.

Her journey seems like yours, and you start to relate to every emotion you have within you. Her failure at the flip makes you go ‘ouch,’ and when she is bedridden, you pray for her. Slowly, she starts to become your idol, someone whom you want to look up to. If not for yourself, for your kids who want to dance.

You cheer, take pride, and share her success because you have become a fan of hers like a million others who all claim they are her’s number one fan.

The Recommendation

She becomes the best dancer, in your opinion, and there seems a lot of opportunity coming around her way.

You follow her on social media because that’s the current trend. There is no more mystery around your heroes. You can see their flaws, accomplishments, and monitor their day-to-day activities. As a result, you know what her favorite food is, what she loves to do on weekends and how she can make the best pancakes in the world.

Also, you know who is her enemy and friend. At every new release of the movie, she promotes as if it were her movie. Of course, she wants the opportunity to choreograph the dance from the subsequent movie. It is an on-going game of pleasing the top people so that she stays in the game. And you have joined the ride because you want her to succeed even more.

On and off she recommends up-coming talent. It’s unsure whether she does this genuinely or to have a balance in her feed.

But the good comes out of it. Many new talents are promoted because of her recommendations. And at her stage, it is her responsibility to become the role model and help others climb her to her level.

And one day she recommends someone whom you know. Not immediately, but somewhere in your mind, you knew her.

Wow Moment

Since you are the fan, you follow every recommendation for at least a few days so you can check if they are worth – your attention.

The latest recommendation seemed familiar. At this point, you have learnt a lot about dancing because you have started dancing for passion. And when you do some quick search, you find out that she was in the same competition which your idol won.

That’s a nice coincidence. You follow her and watch some videos, and she is fantastic. Her moves are breathtaking, and the stories she tells with her movement is mesmerizing.

And you didn’t know all of this back when she competed. You watch some old clips, and there was with similar high-impact moves. But like everyone else, she was lost because there was this notion of just one winner.

What if there is a competition where the dance judges select top 100 and declare all of them winners. And every episode is just a celebration of dance. Yes, it will be boring because there will be no emotions, less drama, and pure dancing.

Remember whatever work you do, if you measure metric of who is number one in technique, you might lose someone who is power-packed in emotion. If sympathy is what will make them number one, they will focus on that.

Choose your metric, choose your story, and choose your heroes. Do your analysis and find the idol to follow with whom you relate and not someone who is merely the number one winner.